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08/15/06 02:48 PM  
3725 Biere De garde
I recently used the 3725 Biere De Garde yeast on a saison. When I went to rack it to the secondary the gravity was at 1.002, which isn't bad for a saison but still pretty quick.

Didn't taste infected.

So I'm wondering for those of you that have used it, what was your attenuation?

BTW grain was:

11lbs belg. pils, 2lbs wheat malt, 2lbs munich.

Mashed at 148F.

08/15/06 04:03 PM  
Re: 3725 Biere De garde
OG 1.052

FG 1.006

11# Vienna

1# Honey Malt

3 hour mash at 150 degrees; fermented at 182 (ambient - estimate actual ferm temp 5 to 8 degrees higher.)

Despite the high ferm temps, there's not much interesting going on - rather bland.

08/15/06 04:12 PM  
Re: 3725 Biere De garde
OG 57

FG 006

08/16/06 12:59 AM  
Re: 3725 Biere De garde
Mine went from 1.064 to 1.008, which is just under 87% attenuation. Right at 7.4 percent. For the record, it was a Biere de Mars.
08/16/06 08:45 PM  
Re: 3725 Biere De garde
Extract Saison:

2# wheat dry

3# Munich liquid

3# Pale Liquid

.5# Caravienne

.5# Corn Sugar

OG 1.072

FG 1.008 (Sample taken at 7 days... still in fermenter but no visible activity)

10/10/06 01:01 PM  
Re: 3725 Biere De garde
Greetings all...I haven't posted to this board before, but thought I'd contribute a data point. I used 3725 for a blonde bier de garde, which went from 1.071 to 1.004 in a few weeks. I've never had a final gravity that low in 15 years of brewing. Taste is currently malty yet (unsurprisingly) very dry, with a hint of apricot in the nose. The ethanol taste is rather strong; I'm hoping this might condition out with time. In hindsight, had I known how attenuative this yeast would be, I'd have changed the recipe formulation - I included 1 lb corn and 1.2 lb sugar to lighten the body, which was apparently not required...
Dave I
10/10/06 11:23 PM  
Re: 3725 Biere De garde
"fermented at 182 (ambient - estimate actual ferm temp 5 to 8 degrees higher.)"

Where do you live? On the sun?!!!!! :o


10/11/06 04:56 PM  
bier de garde
woops, how'd that get by so long!? Doh!
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