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08/18/06 10:50 AM  
lambic - yeast for primary fermentation and starte
Thanks Mikey for pointing me to this board.

I've been brewing all grain for a year now and have managed to brew about 30 of the BJCP styles. I'm trying to work my way through the styles without brewing the same thing twice until I get through them. For me, this approach has been extemely educational.

I've been reading Wild Brews and am very excited about getting into brewing lambics and the Flanders. I love the commercial versions of these beers that I've been able to get my hands on!!!

I am thinking about brewing a lambic, a Flanders Red, and a Flanders Brown each December, so that after 3 years, I'll be able to blend a 3 yr, 2 yr. and 1 yr. and hopefully have some great products.

I'm hoping to brew at least 10 gallons of each, because if it turns out good, I'd hate for it to run out too soon :)

Concerning yeast to be used for primary fermentation:

I'm assuming that I should produce a starter as normal with the yeast I'm going to use for primary, using the 1m cells per 1ml wort per 1 degree Plato theory.

Should I simply use a typical Belgian ale yeast for the Flanders Red and Brown?

For the Lambic, I haven't seen where I can purchase just a generic saccharomyces cerevisiae culture? Is that because all of the typical yeast you buy from White Labs and Wyeast as just differnt strains of saccharomyces cerevisiae, and I should just pick one, like I'm doing for the Flanders?

Then I plan to age in glass, probably 15 gallon demijohns, and add the other appropriate bacteria at the right time. Do I make a starter for these other bacteria before adding them? Would I still use the 1m cells per 1 ml wort per 1 degree Plato rulle of thumb?

Al B
08/18/06 11:34 AM  
Re: lambic - yeast for primary fermentation and st
The good news is there isn't one way to brew all three types of brews. You can use a basic belgian ale yeast or many belgian strains as a primary, then pitch the wild yeast + bacteria later OR use a mixed lambic culture right from the start. Since you plan to blend, no need to worry how sour its gets, etc. etc. Normally I like to use S. cerevisae in the primary alone first, then add others later.

No need to use a starter for bacteria since you plan to age for a long period. They will grow slowly at first, but grow they will.

Al Brettanomyces

08/18/06 12:34 PM  
Re: lambic - yeast for primary fermentation and st
FYI, home made lambic, oud bruin and Flanders red don't have to be blended to make them great. Doing a batch of each three years runing is a cool idea, but IMO you'd be better off using the previous batch to tweek your recipe/process to make the next one better. If that works out you might not want any of year 1 in your year 3!
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