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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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08/31/06 11:56 AM  
Fresh hop dryhopping
Trying it again this year. Last year didn't turn out so hot, but I think the keg became a bit contaminated. Possibly this weekend, next weekend latest, I'll be racking an IPA on a pound of so of Cascades right out of the garden. Wish me luck!
Sean Paxton
08/31/06 02:12 PM  
Re: Fresh hop dryhopping
Good luck Steve,

What Hops are you growing?

I just did a Wet Hop IPA on Saturday. Used 17 ounces total (all I got off my vines for the first year). I grew Magnum, Glacier, Newport, Centennial, Goldings, Sterling and Hallertaur. Used Vinnieís recipe for a Harvest Ale.

Here is the recipe:

Recipe for 10 Gallons

O.G.: 1.064 T.G.: 1.012 IBUís: 58-68 6.75% ABV

WATER: Hard, same set-up as would be used for an IPA


24 lb. 2-Row Malt

1.5 lb. Caramel 40 Malt

2 lb. Carapils Malt

MASH TEMPERATURE: 152 degrees Fahrenheit


Chinook (wet, un-dried) 3 oz 90 minutes

Cascade (wet, un-dried) 14 oz 90 minutes

Cascade (wet, un-dried) 10 oz 30 minutes

Chinook (wet, un-dried) 5 oz 0 minutes

Cascade (wet, un-dried) 11 oz 0 minutes

Chinook (wet, un-dried) 2 oz DRY HOP (7-14 days)

Cascade (wet, un-dried) 2 oz DRY HOP (7-14 days)

YEAST: White Labs California Ale Yeast



08/31/06 03:29 PM  
Re: Fresh hop dryhopping
Holy cow, what a line up! I just got me a 3 year old Cascade vine. 10 ounces went in near the end of the boil. Maybe we can swap bottles? I have little experience here but feel the potential is pretty good. I guess with a hop forest going on this is not new to you!! How has you luck been?
Sean Paxton
09/01/06 12:18 AM  
Re: Fresh hop dryhopping
Was a fun day and a fun project that will grow in years to come.

I'd like to trade a beer with you Steve. This is also my first attempt at a Fresh Hop brew. Smells great right now. Was hard to figure out how much of my hops to use.

Anyone else doing a fresh hop brew?


09/01/06 10:23 AM  
Re: Fresh hop dryhopping
I planted my first hops this spring - outputs ranging from extremely sparse to nothing at all. Hopefully next year I'll have a crop to play with...
Eric K
09/05/06 10:15 AM  
Re: Fresh hop dryhopping
Sean, I can taste your fesh hop tea from here! Great to see your still pushing the envelope.

The ability to add just picked hop cones to your brew kettle is, in my opinion, the main reason why we grow hops at home. Hops are dirt cheap compared to other ingredients.

I've always had great results with fresh hops in the boil kettle, but I never dryhopped with-em. Good luck!

09/05/06 11:06 AM  
Re: Fresh hop dryhopping
Just did this yesterday Erik. The wife made me a sleeve that is shaped to fit inside a keg. It isn't just a bag, it has a round botton just smaller than the diameter of a keg sewn onto its cylinderical length. We (Anne, AlB, Nina and I) picked buttloads of Cascades, I think it was about 1.5 pounds. I sterilized the sleeve, then poured boiling water over the hops and heaped them in. Then I racked the beer over the top. The sleeve went all the way to the bottom of the keg and all the hops barely fit. The batch was small, maybe 4.5 gallons, but somehow all that beer fit in there too!!
Sean Paxton
09/05/06 12:32 PM  
Re: Fresh hop dryhopping
Welcome Back Eric,

How was the move? I have pics of the hops and the harvest. Was a nice day. Remember the Rye Saison we did? I took 6 gallons, added 20 oz of passion fruit concentrate and 10 grams of chamomile and let that sit for a few weeks.

Steve, How did your beer turn out? How much hops did you harvest?

I just tasted might last night. Started at 1.084, down to 1.012, really nice hop aroma and flavor with supporting malt. Clean, nice hops in bitterness and some in aroma. Wishing I had more in my harvest... Always next year.



09/05/06 12:48 PM  
Re: Fresh hop dryhopping
So far so good, I think I need to get a 10 gallon keg to play with next time though. I'll taste it in 2 weeks and see what the fresh hops did....
Eric K
09/06/06 05:47 PM  
Re: Fresh hop dryhopping
Thanks Sean,

The move to WV was stressfull. Took 5 days to drive here pulling a U-Haul filled with kegs, bottles, and propane tanks, CO2 tanks, Oxygen tanks, and all the cleaning solutions. Although a moving company did most of the packing and hauling, they refused to haul any liquids, chemicals, or flamable materials. Well, that pretty much describes everything I own. You've seen the garage, so you know what I mean. Consequently, I had to haul most of my brew stuff.

I just ordered some Wyeast to begin brewing in late September or early October. The weather here is still very hot and humid, so I'm really stuck to a small brewing season window. Perhaps only October to March. I'll send pics as soon as the set-up is, well, up.

Steve, how far away are you from Shepherdstown, WV? Perhaps we could hookup at the Monks Cafe some time?


09/07/06 07:32 AM  
Re: Fresh hop dryhopping
Difinatly closer to Monks than WV! Actually drove through there for the first time last March en route to Ray and Cornelias wedding. Philly is a hair under 2 hours for me. I get there occasionally but really not enough.
09/07/06 12:46 PM  
Re: Fresh hop dryhopping/Monk's
FYI Monk's in Philadelphia is now serving their own house gueuze, blended for them by Cantillon from 1, 2 & 3 year old lambics selected by Tom Peters. Deb and I spent Sunday afternoon there, before an evening wedding in a near by hotel. They have 18 kegs of the gueuze and serving from the back bar for $7 for 10-12 oz draft. First time I had gueuze on draft and it was very nice. A limited amount of the gueuze is also available in bottles at Monk's.
09/07/06 02:22 PM  
Re: Fresh hop dryhopping
Ted, that be a great thing to post over on the BBB, no shortage of non-brewers would love to know!
Mykel Obvious
09/08/06 08:09 AM  
Re: Fresh hop dryhopping
Man, you guys are SO lucky!!! I've wanted to try Monk's Flemish Sour Red Ale for as long as I've known about it, and to get that AND the gueuze would be heaven on earth!!! Lucky b@$t@Rd$!!!




Al B
09/08/06 01:28 PM  
Re: Fresh hop dryhopping
I must say, I do enjoy Mykel's comedy relief.

Mykel - as fer your thirst relief, remind me to send ya a bottle of Monks cafe flemish red on the next sour swap.

Al Bacillus

Mykel Obvious
09/08/06 07:21 PM  
Re: Fresh hop dryhopping
Al, I'll take you up on that for sure!!! I'll send out my version of a Flanders Sour Ale... sorta Red-Bruin as I used the Red method for inoculation, but it's a bit dark and I didn't age it on oak THIS time... I plan on bottling it next month and it should be ready to taste around December... though I might not be able to wait that long to try a bottle out LOL



09/18/06 02:21 PM  
Re: Fresh hop dryhopping
A couple guys from the other board did a hop-piking thing in CA last week (or so). For those of us trying to figure out when best to harvest your hop crop, this might be of interest. I know it was to me. The photo album shows the condition of the hops, I asked Dave to talk about his observations a bit...


Essentially these vines were the last of the harvest. According to BH, these might have gone beyond by a week or 2. The conditions of the hops varied throughout the vine (from top to bottom). Since these were Chinooks, there were some BIG ones, but there were also plenty of small ones. I guess the main reason for that is how well they were exposed to the sun and various growing conditions. On the same vines, there were some that obviously looked like they were past their prime and were now wilted. Actually, there were a lot of those. I asked BH if size, or the fact that some looked beyond any use, mattered. He stated that it was preferable to only use (no matter the size) hop cones that were only slightly wilted, although if you opened them up, you could easily see the lupulin. So as long as it look like it had a good measure of lupulin, semi-wilted cones were still used. They might've looked past their prime, but were still potent in their aroma.

The key with picking was avoiding any leaves (I would have to dip into my bucket every so often to clean out any leaves that came along for the ride), and minimize too much stem when snapping off the cones.

Hope this helps.



10/18/06 04:13 PM  
I tasted the fresh hop IPA and the blonde last night. Unlike last years the IPA shows no sign of spoilage. Unfortunately it also shows no sign of the pounds of hops that went in. So its drinkable but missed the taget by an impressive amount.

The blonde however is another story. I took your advice and added them with no prep of any kind, just picked 'em and tossed 'em straight in. No sanitizing of any kind, no hop bag, nuthin. No sign whatsoever of contamination. Have to say, it isn't hugely hoppy but its a way better brew than the IPA! I think I'm going to serve that instead on the 28th. Huge hop character is still eluding me but I definatley feel like I'm closer.

Eric K
10/19/06 09:08 AM  
Re: Fresh hop dryhopping
This is a bit off topic, but the best way I've found to get that aroma punch is to dry hop directly in the keg. I'll add 2 oz of hop flowers (dry, not fresh)into a grain bag, tie the bag off, and just toss it into the keg. I typically rack the brew right ontop of the hop bag to make sure the hops are wet. The first few pours off the keg will be heavy in lupulin, but thats the only I'll effects I've found.
Al B
10/19/06 11:01 AM  
Re: Fresh hop dryhopping
Steve -

Yeah, I haven't had any spoilage issues with dry hopping.

I typically sterilize a musilin bag, but not the hops and top off with plenty of CO2.

You want more hop character for the 28th? We can set up a "Randle" and infuse more dry hops after the keg, before your faucet.

10/19/06 11:34 AM  
Re: Fresh hop dryhopping
Eric, that's how I've been doing it. Oh, another difference between the two beers, I removed the sack 'o hops from the IPA keg after 2 week. For the blonde I didn't even bother with a bag, I just threw the hops in! So they're in there for the long haul.

Al ... oh? We could? How? Very interested, I would LOVE to present the blonde as a "randleized" beer. Or maybe we'll call it "Buckerated"! BTW, looks like we'll be showing up at the Klews later rather than sooner. Maybe more like 7 rather than 2. In getting the house ready for the 28th I find I can't afford to loose that much of a Saturday.

Al B
10/19/06 11:53 AM  
Re: Fresh hop dryhopping
I have a filter cannister w/ a 20-30micron filter (should be OK vs. pressure) and load that baby up w/ whole hops, no pellets. MWHA HAHAHAHAHAHA (evil laugh). One thing, might need to use a second CO2 source, just in case the randle increases pressure it won't affect the pressure over on any other kegs.

Well, I'm going early to the Klewballs. I can't afford to lose that much drinkin'. MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAAAAaahaaaaaaaaaaaa (very evil laugh).

10/19/06 02:54 PM  
Re: Fresh hop dryhopping
I have a backup tank, lets go for it! Can you show up a little early?










Al B
10/19/06 03:08 PM  
Re: Fresh hop dryhopping
I'll try. I'll sanitize the randalholstermechanism + the apparatusfilterjig ahead of time. Will need appropriate hosing + clamps - should take a few minutes only.
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