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Mykel Obvious
09/02/06 08:44 PM  
Golden Strong Ale questions
I’m planning on brewing a Belgian Golden Strong Ale this weekend using the following recipe and would like comments, thoughts, etc. from everyone… prolly not gonna brew till Monday, depending on the weather and my luck:

Lucifer's Hammer Golden Strong Ale:

Batch Size:

5.5 gallons


13 lbs. Castle Pilsner

3 lbs. Moist Blonde Candy Sugar


1.00 oz Styrian Goldings 4.9 AAU for 90 minutes

.75 oz Styrian Goldings 4.9 AAU for 30 minutes

.75 oz Czech Saaz 3.6 AAU for 30 minutes

.5 oz Styrian Goldings 4.9 AAU at knockout

.5 oz Czech Saaz 3.6 AAU at knockout


WLP550 Belgian Ale – Achouffe (78-85% Attenuation)

Expected OG: 1.082

Expected FG: 1.014 or less

IBUs: 36

SRM: 5

Expected ABV: 9%

Mash Schedule: 147 F for 90 minutes, batch sparge

Boil Time: 90 minutes

I plan to Dough-in with 5 gallons (1.54 quarts per pound) and perform 90 minute saccharification rest… add 1 gallon boiling water to balance sparge volume, vourlaf and drain… batch sparge with 4 gallons, vourlaf and drain to collect about 8 gallons total into boil pot… 90 minute boil should end up around 5.5 gallons in carboy after losses and chilling

whadda ya think???



09/02/06 09:52 PM  
Re: Golden Strong Ale questions
That looks like a pretty good recipe. Very similar to the one I make.

I would probably add a protien rest in there with the Castle pils. It will help with the clarity. About 20-30 minutes at 122F should do just fine.

You IBUs are at the same BU:GU ratio as mine. It was a tad hoppier than typical golden strongs. But I like it that way. It distinguishes it from a triple in my opinion. More refreshing and quenching.

My last golden strong was pils malt and the moist blonde sugar, Saaz and Styrian Golding hops. I used Duvel yeast, though. The Chouffe yeast will do very nicely as well.

I took a full keg of the golden to our club campout and it was drained the first night. So, now I will be brewing it again tomorrow, Sunday, as well as a dark version with the dark syrup.

09/03/06 08:33 AM  
Re: Golden Strong Ale questions
Nice, simple, not over thought grist - very nice!
09/05/06 11:30 AM  
Re: Golden Strong Ale questions
I have the moist dark sugar from BBMB, but did not see the blonde. Can't get to their online catalog at this time, do they have the blonde? other sources?
09/05/06 11:35 AM  
Re: Golden Strong Ale questions
I can say I've used it and loved the stuff. Tasted like old New England penuche. It looks like Brians website is being reworked, but if you emailed him (which I bet can be done off the site) I'm sure he could connect you with a source.
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