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09/19/06 01:42 PM  
brewing with wine yeast
Does anyone have experience/insight on using any type of wine yeasts to brew beer? Comments on attenuation, rate of fermentation, aroma/flavor contribution would be interesting.


09/20/06 09:28 AM  
Re: brewing with wine yeast
Wine is generally pretty well attenuated, but does not most of its flavor come from the fruit and barrel? That's an impression I have so I won't swear to it. But my guess would be a beer fermented with wine yeast would have little yeast character. It would be interesting to see what would happen though. Anyone ever try this?
09/20/06 10:47 AM  
Re: brewing with wine yeast
I seem to recall reading that the occasional French farmhouse-ale-type of brewer will use wine yeasts. I also just read a round-table discussion from three California vintners who were discussing the influence of yeast on wine, and their opinions were pretty divided. One guy said yeast is a big factor, another said it is hardly a factor at all, the other was in the middle. I'm thinking about trying a red wine yeast in a reddish saison kind of thing.
09/20/06 11:38 AM  
Re: brewing with wine yeast
Check the RussianRiverBrewing dot com website (i can't get to it right now) and the section that gives the details on each batch. I'm pretty sure they use some wine yeasts, but for re-yeasting for bottle conditioning Temptation and others. Would not surprise me if they sneak it in at other times.
09/20/06 08:35 PM  
Re: brewing with wine yeast
Giving further thought, I have had a brush with wine yeast. Well, champagne yeast. It was recommended when a barley wine got stuck kinda high. The suggestion was to finish off fermentation with something that can withstand high alcohol and that attenuates well. The rest of the advice was that at that point of fermentation the beers yeast profile would be established so there would be no harm finishing with champagne yeast. I took that to mean you would not want a yeast profile from the finishing yeast.
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