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Dave I
09/21/06 08:06 PM  
Peach Belgian . . . Advice Needed!
I have pretty much given up on the Fievre D'abricot as I have emailed the brewer and heard nothing. So, I am left to my own devices (namely making up or borrowing somebody else's recipe).

I am wondering if any of you have any advice or ideas for a Belgian with a peach flavor. Since I have heard peaches are hard to get good flavor from, apricot would be fine while peach extract would be my final resort.

I am thinking a Trappist-style would be best, namely a Dubbel/Quadrupel, Trippel, or Belgian Golden Strong Ale (not technically a Trappist, but close enough), but I am open to ANYTHING as far as ideas.

In addition to styles, I would be interested in whatever Belgian yeast(s) you think might work the best (possibly using multiple yeasts, splitting batches, etc.), including Brett, lambic, blending yeasts, etc. or any particularly good hops choices, as well as spices or adjuncts. This beer could be really simple or insanely complex as long as it tastes good.

Thank you in advance for any advice, recipes, or ideas.


09/24/06 08:42 AM  
Re: Peach Belgian . . . Advice Needed!
I think this was mentioned before by someone else, but I find myself in complete agreement. A style like a quad would be far better siuted to a fruit profile more along the lines of fig, raisin, darker fruits. Something about a peach character in a quad strikes me like a white wine with beef Wellington.

However the strong golden approach could, I think, be great. This is redundant to a post I'm about to make, but a peach profile can be accomplished without actually using peaches.It comes through in a beer I did that was all ambient fermentation, which doesn't help you so much except to state that its possible. But last night I has a beer with a strong peach presence that jad no fruit (I think). For the recent swap Sebastian sent me an extra beer, a 750 of a 100% Brett Clausenii. God damn, it was an absolute knockout. Ther nose is excrutiatingly difficult to describe, I think Al said it by just likening it to a crazy combination of esters he can't pin down. Neither can I, I snif and snif and don't know what to say! The flavor was dry, tart but not too much but the single biggest flavor I got was peach. Spectacular.

Dave I
09/27/06 12:19 PM  
Re: Peach Belgian . . . Advice Needed!
I am thinking of splitting a 10-gallon batch next year. 1/2 would use Wyeast 1388 (Duvel yeast) on peach, while the other half would be a prime candidate for Brettanomyces Clausenii.

For the Duvel yeast batch, I am thinking of making a basic Tripel recipe (TurboPils malt, and sugar or honey in the secondary to bump up the gravity), adding some CaraMunich or Aromatic malt, coriander, and peaches, and fermenting fairly warm.

For the second batch, I am thinking of just all-grain (i.e. no sugar, just the TurboPils wort so a lower OG), maybe the coriander, and just the Brettanomyces Clausenii for the fermenting agent, fermenting warm. I will probably wholesale rob the hops schedule from Sebastian's Brett. Clausenii beer.

Any comments on either of them? Should I add 15% wheat to the grist bill? Both beers would be coming from the same mashing so the grainbill will be identical for both of them.


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