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02/24/07 04:15 PM  
Re: Sebastian ... God damn!!
CDH Wrote

<<An ounce of Chinooks for 90 minutes will in no way ever keep your IBUs to 21. Plugging that recipe into a calculator tells me to expect 39 IBUs doing a full boil, and near 30 doing a 100% dilution of the boiled wort.>>

You need to double check your calculation. Remember that I brewed a 13 gallon batch of beer. Using the Tinseth IBU formula gives me 18 IBUs for a 90 minute addition of the Chinook.

02/24/07 06:18 PM  
Re: Sebastian ... God damn!!
Dave I wrote

<<1) How did the Tettnang and Saaz go together? I am thinking of using them in conjunction in an upcoming batch so would welcome your input.

2) Since you have experience with those hops, do you think they would go together well in the following recipe? Feel free to blast it apart if it looks like it will not turn out so hot, and that goes for anybody:>>

1. I really like the combination of Saaz and Tettnang, they are both hops that I like to use in both German & Belgian ales. In this Brett beer it plays less and less of a role as the Brett character magnifies over time, but when young adds a vibrant hop note.

2. As to the recipe, I can't say, I usually use that mix in much lower gravity brews. I might usually go with more typical American hop varieties for a beer of that strength. As something interesting though, I can't see that it will be remotely bad, in fact you might actually come up with something good.

Dave I
02/25/07 11:08 AM  
Re: Sebastian ... God damn!!
"As something interesting though, I can't see that it will be remotely bad, in fact you might actually come up with something good."

That happens once in a while. I am not sure how . . .

Yeah, I am planning on making two Barleywines this winter/spring. One is N8's Cunning Linguist, which will have a significant amount of American hops, and if I want E.K. Goldings I can get that in numerous commercial brews. I thought with this one I could experiment a bit. That and I am becoming a big fan of German (and Czech I suppose) hops, so thought Saaz and Tettnang sounded interesting. I happened to read your recipe for the Brett beer and, lo and behold, there it is in your recipe; I must have ignored the hops initially.

My hope is that, considering how much I like Saaz, and how much I have heard about Tettnang, it is one of those good beers where the hops just add a nice flavor and aroma role without making it some sort of goofy beer that highlights an odd choice in hops that stands out for all the wrong reasons.

On your beer, was there a time when the hops and the Brettanomyces balanced out enough to where they shared the role fairly equally, or did the Brett take over pretty quickly? Thanks for the insight!


Mike T
02/25/07 11:19 AM  
Re: Sebastian ... God damn!!
CDH, for a second there I was confused to. But if you look near the bottom of the recipe it says "13 gallons to the fermenters". Using that number the IBUs look like they work out right.
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