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10/01/06 04:16 PM  
Best Yeast for Multiple Abbey-styles
Combing the archives, I see there is a lot of discussion on this topic, in bits and pieces, but I'm interested in getting a sense from this group which of the various Belgian strains works best for a multiple-batch 'stepping up' of increasingly higher gravity brews. I know that SteveG and others often use this method, so I'm thinking of getting a little more ambitious and planning out a series of Abbey-style beers for this fall/winter. For what it's worth, here's my conceptual starting point (I'm not necessarily interested in strict clones, just listing some beers I like as a reference to my own taste):

Enkel/Single/Pale: Orval (finish w/Brett. Brux)

"Dubbel": Maredsous 8, Maudite, McChouffe

Tripel: Westmalle Tripel

(Quad?): Rochefort 10

So, what do you folks think would be best for yeast?

10/01/06 10:08 PM  
Re: Best Yeast for Multiple Abbey-styles
You nailed the right production order, excellent! I used Ardennes for a double / triple thing. I think it was alright and a lot of people swear by it but it was not for me. I'm on record as being pretty boring when it comes to abbey styles, triple in particluar. I think the good ole fashioned malt and banana profile is just perfect and I did not get that. A while later Al passed off a nice big bottle of pure WL AbbeyII. I used it to make a quad, and though I don't have a finished beer yet I have to say I think the yeast did an awesome job. I don't have experience with that yeast and doubles / triples but I can say I will definately try it for my next go there.

BTW there is one alternative to brewing in serial to really get the most out of your yeast. If you have a brewing buddy who you really, really trust you can make a beer or two then pass off the yeast to them. Then they can pass it back, you'll build up the generations even more effectively and you get a brewing break.

10/02/06 12:01 AM  
Re: Best Yeast for Multiple Abbey-styles
Yes, I enjoy LaChouffe and used the Ardennes yeast to good effect in a dark strong ale last Spring, and so am thinking of going with something else on this series, at least for variety. The Wyeast 1762 Abbey II is a strong candidate (I assume that's what you're using - I don't see a version II on the WL list?) - I'm also curious if there has been any confirmation on the components of the WL Belgian blend (WLP 575) . . .I think someone in another thread said 500/530/550?

Alas, I do not have someone to swap off with, but that's a cool idea . ..

10/02/06 09:10 AM  
Re: Best Yeast for Multiple Abbey-styles
<<The Wyeast 1762 Abbey II is a strong candidate (I assume that's what you're using - I don't see a version II on the WL list?) >>

Oh, you might be right. Al would need to clarify that, but I should probably have looked at the yeast lists before saying it was WL.

10/02/06 10:11 AM  
Re: Best Yeast for Multiple Abbey-styles
I'm having a love affair right now with Wyeast 1762 (Rochefort). I used it this past spring for a serial not unlike yours, and the beers are really blossoming into beautyhood right now. I feel this yeast really pulls fruit notes out of the malt in a way other Belgian strains I've tried don't quite achieve. I also used it in something like a Belgian Imperial Stout, and combined with the roasted and chocolate malts, the beer is becoming very complex, even after only two months.
Al B
10/02/06 11:27 AM  
Re: Best Yeast for Multiple Abbey-styles
Yep, it was WY Abbey II (Rochefort).

It made a very good dubbel for me w/ the candy syrup. I also used it for an Oud Bruin, and plan on using it for a Belgian Christmas/Wood Quad. It is a very vigorous fermenter, but just a reminder if one bottle-conditions - use fresh yeast to prime. Yes, I like this strain too.

- sounds like a good hybrid, that Belgian I stoudt.

Al bbey II

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