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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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11/16/06 11:53 AM  
Re: Anyone got a woody??
Got to agree about the quality of the beers and the variety.

Only downside to the event was Chet not getting in on the chat.

11/16/06 12:54 PM  
Re: Anyone got a woody??
Bummed to have missed it - but I'll sample all the beers & follow along with the transcript.

Since I wasn't there to answer questions about this beer, I'll put a few things up here. It was the blackend raison beer from the following thread:

ww2 .babblebelt .com/newboard/thread .html?tid=1108752780&th=1141651862&pg=&tpg=1#1141660130

(close the spaces in front of the "." to make the link)

As you can read from that thread, the raisons were blackened, then sauteed with a raspberry wine rendered down to syrup, then rinsed/deglazed with brandy. This was added to a blend of the 5 dubbels from the "dark candi syrup" swap. I should add that it was added to the keg in a hop sack - it's still in there, and the character constantly changes as it ages.

The sour character was from a "house" bug I picked up in my last home - a 110 year old farmhouse (something in the basement). This also totally changed the aroma from the more dubbelish orginal beer(s), thinned the body considerably, and increased the alcohol.

I call it a brett - that's the character I get from it anyway. It's very subtle, but I like it and am trying to keep it alive in the keg (will solera new beers into it as this one gets consumed). Not really sure what it acutally is, though.

There's some bourbon barrel char in there as well - intentionally kept at a low level. I didn't want it to overwhelm the raisons, rather to compliment in a subtle way. I believe it also helps sooth the higher alcohol as well.

Glad y'all enjoyed it, and am looking forward to trying your beers!

11/16/06 02:52 PM  
Re: Anyone got a woody??
Thought I tasted the dark candy. Was it boiled for a while?
11/18/06 10:32 AM  
Re: Anyone got a woody??
Steve - I didn't put it in my notes, but I think it was added with 30 minutes in the boil...not real sure though.

Did my tasting last night along with the transcripts - nice job everyone! I didn't make it to the barleywine, though - I was feeling no pain and decided to save it. No gushers on my end, I'm happy to report.

Having gone to the Festival of Wood & Barrel Aged Beers in Chicago just two weekends ago, it was interesting how this homebrewed group of beers was much more subtle in the wood contribution. Many of the commercial examples really beat you over the head with whatever wood character they used...subtle is better (although it won't win the wood aged category in a contest from what I've seen...)

11/19/06 05:46 PM  
Re: Anyone got a woody??
I guess the wood aged category is new so its hard to say how its judged - but I bet you are right. I got to the point (ages ago) that I stopped making reference to special ingredients in the name of a brew and often even in the categorization. I'm a big fan of hard to pin down flavors and got tired of feedback like "I'd like to taste more [insert adjunct here]". I found it useless commentary from folks who sometimes really seemed to miss the point. Although that being said, my porter did have a more detectable wood presence a month ago and I preferred that! Sounds like a really cool fest though, care to write something up on your experience for the BBB?
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