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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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10/11/06 11:17 AM  
Bourbon barrel aquisition?
Can anyone recommend where to aquire a (reasonably priced) bourbon barrel for homebrewing? We're in NJ if location is a factor. Thanks.
Al B
10/11/06 03:31 PM  
Re: Bourbon barrel aquisition?
Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, this sounds like somebody I know.
Eric K
10/11/06 04:55 PM  
Re: Bourbon barrel aquisition?

Try WWW dot kentuckybarrels dot com. A 53 gal barrel will cost about $60, plus another $60 to ship.

Best of luck

Eric K

Eric K
10/11/06 04:58 PM  
Re: Bourbon barrel aquisition?
Correction! About $90 per 53 gallon barrel
10/11/06 05:19 PM  
Re: Bourbon barrel aquisition?
Could this be a Santa Claus type inquiry??
10/12/06 12:13 PM  
Re: Bourbon barrel aquisition?
Nina, check with Jason at keystonehomebrew dot com, which is HB store in Montgomeryville PA (north of philly). Keystone does some barrel brews as a club and my club got one of our barrels from KS.
10/12/06 02:57 PM  
Re: Bourbon barrel aquisition?
Thanks all! We're rolling out to Stoudt's Brewing this weekend and will be passing the Philly area. Might have to stop by Keystone Brewing. AlB - we'd better bring the truck in the event we tote home a new beer barrel!
Al B
10/12/06 03:03 PM  
Re: Bourbon barrel aquisition?
happy happy joy joy (move over Chet, I think another BRBBB dubbel is comin')!
10/20/06 09:50 AM  
Re: Bourbon barrel aquisition?
I'd love to ge tmy hands on a bourbon barrel, but then there's the challenge of filling that big boy on the homebrew scale. Would take some collaboration for sure. On a smaller scale, I've had pretty good results with bourbon barrel chips/char. I've gotten some really good stuff from Heaven Hill Distillery, ordered via the net.
Al B
10/20/06 10:12 AM  
Re: Bourbon barrel aquisition?
Yeah, I've done for a stoudt. Not bad.

I'd like try a small barrel though. I'd have to add a spirit or wine or something + age, then brew.

If you ever get down to a bourbon distillery - the aromas of their warehouses is amazing. So much bourbon "fumes" goes through the barrel AND the building! A black harmless mold often grows on the outside of the building - looks like someone tried to set the place on fire. Really prevalent in the Summer months.

10/21/06 11:09 AM  
Re: Bourbon barrel aquisition?
I got my 53 gallon Bourbon barrels (Wild Turkey) from Kelvin Cooperage in Louisville, KY for $45.00 each. I picked them up at the cooperage. Web site is www.kelvincooperage.com, or you can call them at (502)366-5757. If you are paying $90.00! for a Bourbon barrel that does not include shipping you are paying too much.
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