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10/13/06 12:32 PM  
Brett and sanitation
Seems like a basic question, but I've sorted through the various Brett info here and wondered . . . what are folks doing regarding fermenting vessels and Brett, etc.? Keeping separate ones from your regular Sacc. brewing efforts? Or are you comfortable enough that standard sanitation efforts are sufficient after using Brett?

I'm thinking glass carboy, OneStep sanitizer . . .

10/13/06 01:30 PM  
Re: Brett and sanitation
I have used my regular glass carboys for making and storing lambics, and then proceeded to use them for other beers once the lambic was bottled. I have never had a problem with cross contamination, and some of the beers placed in those vessels stayed there for 3 months. I use Sun oxygen wash (generic oxyclean) as my sole sanitizer for all my brewing purposes.

Now I use buckets for the lambics, simply because I didnt want my regular carboys occupied for 1+ years, and when you have 22 gallons of lambic on hand (14 gallons of peche, 8 gallons of Marionberry, mmmmmmmm), that can really tie up your brewery.

Al B
10/13/06 01:30 PM  
Re: Brett and sanitation
I use bleach with a 4 hr contact time at least, then rinse with hot water 3X for carboys. I'll add boiling water to kegs or other metal parts. Boil stoppers and short hosing.

Plastic Air locks I just throw out.

Mykel Obvious
10/13/06 05:51 PM  
Re: Brett and sanitation
I use Star-San on everything and I've never had a problem

:knocks wood:

10/14/06 10:07 AM  
Re: Brett and sanitation
I boil plastic parts (hoses, airlocks), have a dedicated plastic bucket for primary, and do a starsan or idophor soak for carboys.
10/14/06 11:33 AM  
Re: Brett and sanitation
Thanks for the feedback, folks - that takes a load off my mind. Plus, now I know that a marionberry is more than just an Arkansas congressman!
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