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Dave I
10/26/06 07:31 PM  
IBU Adjustment for a Belgian Strong Dark Ale
I made a Dubbel, namely a bumped-up version of the Rochefort 8 recipe Herman H. created. It was intended to be a Rochefort 10 clone, but ended up with an OG of approximately 1.120. The IBUs are approximately 26 IBUs (Tinseth scale). I have some hops extract for bittering. While I plan to sample it to see how balanced it is, I am pretty sure it will be VERY sweet, although I did use two bottles of the Belgian Dark Candi Sugar which might help dry it up.

Getting to the question, how much (if any) should I adjust the IBUs with the hops extract if it does taste a bit sweet? Any good rules of thumb or suggestions?


Ross Lunato
10/26/06 08:10 PM  
Re: IBU Adjustment for a Belgian Strong Dark Ale
The BU:GU ratio for a Strong Dark is about .21 according to the BJCP guidelines. With an OG of 1.120 your IBU's should come in at about 25.6. It looks like you're already there. However, I have seen at least one Gold metal recipe for a Strong Dark that was bittered to about 24 IBU, Tinseth. Check out Jamil Zainasheff's recipe on the Brew Like A Monk web site. I have also read that if you are going to store the beer, it makes sense to over-bitter it because the bitterness apparently fades with time with about half of the bitterness remaining after about one year. I hope this helps.
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