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Dave I
11/08/06 01:23 PM  
Fantome . . . Worth Reculturing?
Hey Guys,

I have a bottle of Fantome de Noel sitting in my fridge. I am/was planning on drinking it to celebrate the last episode of Lost until next year, or waiting until January to celebrate, well, the FIRST episode of Lost for the new year. However, I was wondering if it is worth reculturing the Fantome yeast/brett/whatever-they-throw-in-there.

So, what do you think? I have never had a Fantome, but after a few of your glowing reviews, thought I would give it a shot. Let me know if you think it is worth reculturing the dregs or if it would end up out of balance by the time I actually threw it into a beer (not going to get a chance to brew until spring).


11/08/06 01:59 PM  
Re: Fantome . . . Worth Reculturing?
Ive never cultured it, so I cant really comment

but..........I am really envious of you. I go to the store weekly waiting for the next one to come out

matt dinges
11/08/06 02:01 PM  
Re: Fantome . . . Worth Reculturing?

I wouldn't bother. Its a 10%ABV beer, so any yeast still there has got to be pretty stressed. Plus, the bottle you have is at least last years as this year's hasn't hit the US yet. If you want to reculture some lacto, you might be able to get that though!

That's the only thing I've ever really gotten when reculturing Fantome dregs. Lacto...and maybe a little Brett.



Al B
11/08/06 03:06 PM  
Re: Fantome . . . Worth Reculturing?
I get the best results when reculturing dregs on fresh bottles - as Matt suggests. Any Saccharomyces would be stressed and may not grow at all. However..........Brett activity can be resilient, but so too are Lactobacilli.

Al B
11/08/06 03:20 PM  
Re: Fantome . . . Worth Reculturing?
By the way.....the Fantome bugs are definately worth reculturing. I have isolated a few and have starters in the works. So far I can't wait to use them in a split batch of Saison/black saison and in a Wild ale batch dry hopped with cascades.

One of bretts seems like its related to WY lambicus. I have two others I'm not sure on yet - but together in a starter with cascades is outrageous (yeah, I hopped my starter for some reason). You might say there's bruxellensis - but I don't think so......at least not the one I'm familiar with.

more to come....

same brett station, same brett channel.

11/08/06 09:09 PM  
Re: Fantome . . . Worth Reculturing?
FWIW, I would recommend using whatever you may recover in the secondary. As per the comments of many others, may I offer my own down-the-lactic-rabbit-hole experience trying salvaged Fantome dregs on an OG 1.054 wort .. . turned a straightforward Dupont clone attempt into a very sour beer! The lacto just took it over, leaving very little in the way of other flavor elements.

If I were to do this again, I'd definitely use a regular Sacch. strain and add Dany's beasties later in the game.

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