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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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Eric K
11/09/06 07:50 PM  
What are your brewing plans this fall?
Good cold temperatures are finally upon us! If you’re like me, I’ve been planning a fantastic brewing season this Fall/early Winter and I’m curious to see what’s on your brewing calendar.

I have some “basic American” brews lined up tomorrow: Pale ale with copious amounts of Nugget hops and a malty Brown Ale with EKG hops as the spice. My fermentation room is getting full with:

Pumpkin ale (10 gal)

ESB (20 gal)

Belgian wheat (10 gal)

Irish Red (10 gal)

Brew’s in the works:

Tripple with Wyeast 3767 (Westmalle strain)

Farmhouse Ale with WYeast 3655 Schelde and 3864 Canadian/Belgian

Dubble with Westmalle strain

Dark Candy man lined me up with 2 gallons of Dark Candy syrup, so I plan on experimenting with the dark sugar for quite a while....unless I do a single 40 gallon batch.

Mr. Paxton, what are you up too?

Al B
11/10/06 08:43 AM  
Re: What are your brewing plans this fall?
Brews recently finished:

1. Harvest Brown Pumpkin Ale (no spices)

2. Oud Bruin

Brews fermenting:

1. Cascade Amber ale

2. English Old Ale

3. Maple Barleywine

4. Brettanomyces clausenii brew, batch 200BC

5. Flemish Red

Brews on schedule this season:

1. Saison + Black Saison - using Fantome yeasts

2. Wild ales - WY B. lambicus for one, Fantome Bretts for second

3. Belgian X-mas wood Quad

4. Old ales + more barleywines

5. ESB

Al B brewin'

11/10/06 01:18 PM  
Re: What are your brewing plans this fall?
Man, you guys have that much going for '06 into November? When are you going to shop for Christmas?? Well, I guess you could just give a lot of bottles! I have one more brew happening, maybe tomorrow but more likely next Saturday. Another go at Ambient Ale. Then I hot the showers till Jan or Feb.
11/10/06 06:20 PM  
Re: What are your brewing plans this fall?
Yep, that's an intimidating list. But that's a feeling I've come to be comfortable with posting to this crowd! Per Al's nomenclature, I got:

Recently finished

Golden Mean - straight Saison a la Dupont

Manna - mixed berry mead with ginseng

In progress, my first Abbey series with WY1762

Enkel - Orval clone attempt

Dubbel - Maredsous 8-inspired

Tripel - aiming at Westmalle

Quad - thinking Roch. 10

(and beyond?)

Under consideration

- Tweaked version of DFH 60-ish contiuously-hopped IPA

- What to do with the Sacch/brett cake when the Enkel completes its secondary fermentation. Suggestions?

Sorry to seem so commericaly-inspired, but I've really learned a lot by at least targeting these examples. As an extract & specialty grain HB'er, I am gearing up to partial-mash the Tripel and Quad and see how it goes.

Al B
11/10/06 06:43 PM  
Re: What are your brewing plans this fall?
What astounds me more is the VOLUME of brew Erik typically makes - 10 gal of this, 20 gal of that. I'm doin'3-6 gal. a session.


11/11/06 09:09 AM  
Re: What are your brewing plans this fall?
5 gallon all grain batches Brewed in October

barley wine

pumpkin barley wine

wee heavy

imperial stout

biere de garde


grand cru with large wheat addition

sticki alt

brewed in november

robust porter

northern brown


munich dark

11/11/06 09:59 AM  
Re: What are your brewing plans this fall?
Dang, that's a lot of brewing, Granite - my wife'd kill me!

I spend the summer making mostly Belgians (more forgiving of the heat), then when it cools in the fall, I start targeting hoppy American beers (single hop experiments in apa's, ipa's, iipa's, amer. amber).

Come winter, I'm looking at some Scotch ales, an altbier, a biere de garde, and maybe some lagers/pseudo lagers.

At only one or two batches a month, that'll take me through winter and into the spring

There's a long list of things I'd like to brew - like an Oatzen (think weizen with malted oats subbed for wheat), some all brett experiments, etc. Plus an ongoing series of Flemish Reds (2 out of 11 done)...

How's that go? "Work is the curse of the brewing class"...?

Eric K
11/11/06 07:50 PM  
Re: What are your brewing plans this fall?
Nice assortment of brews you guys! Thanks for sharing! Al B, Eric H, and Granite, that's a lot of beer styles in such a short time span. Chet, naked oats are fantastic in a saison...adds a hint of apricot with a silky smoothness.

Yeah, I do brew large volume; nothing smaller than a 10 gallon batch. I typically brew 60-80 gal/month, which is actually on the low end of my brew system. The bottle-neck is kegs; too many beers and not enough kegs!

I have a 4 tap fridge and promote plenty of parties. I go through a lot of beer. Believe me. I've emptied as many as 6 kegs in one weekend, and I wasn't even having a planned party.

Now that I'm on the east coast I have a small brewing window due to the hot humid temperatures. I can only brew from Mid-October to perhaps April. Lots of busy brew weekends until next spring.

11/21/06 10:50 PM  
Re: What are your brewing plans this fall?
I'm finally going to break out of nearly 3 months of brewing withdrawal (discounting the 2 gallons of hard cider I started a few weeks back). I just put an order in for the ingredients to make 2 Americans and 2 Belgians, an American Red followed by a Rye IPA and then Sebastian's 100% brett beer as a prelude to a Mo' Betta Bretta clone. It's about time, my reserves are dipping dangerously low and my 4 batches of sour beer are still 12-24 months away from my glass.

I'm also looking forward to having a couple of new brewing buddies come over in a few weeks to christen the brewing operations in the new apartment, should be a good time.

Good luck to everyone in what looks like a lot of ambitious brewing projects.

11/22/06 08:40 AM  
Re: What are your brewing plans this fall?
Well add a Eisbock, tradional bock and a raunch bock to my list. After a little global warming in NH last week, my basement is back to a cool 49 degrees and the lagers are loving life.
11/22/06 11:01 AM  
Re: What are your brewing plans this fall?
Planned as of now:

T-day, a De Koninck clone, well, at least an attempt.

This Sunday, a full on lambic with turbid mash, ambient fermentation, etc.

A Flanders Red. 60 gal barrel project.

Now that lager season is here, Dortmund Export, Czech pils.


whatever else pops in my head at the time.

Hard for me to plan because of that.

Scott Jackson
10/03/07 12:23 PM  
Re: What are your brewing plans this fall?
On tap now:

Dortmunder Export


Belgian Harvest Ale



Baltic Porter

Belgian Quad

Fermenting or lagering:

Pumpkin Ale (5 gallons)

Pumpkin Saison (5 gallons)

Barleywine (10 gallons)

Baltic Porter (the other 5 gallons)

CAP (10 gallons)

Bock (5 gallons)

Rye Dunkel Bock (5 gallons)

Samiclaus clone (5 gallons)

Wee Heavy (10 gallons)

Saison (10 gallons)

Bottle conditioning:

Belgian Dubbel (5 gallons)

Gonna get cleaned out for my wedding. We will have 9 beers and 2 meads on tap (2 of the beers mine) plus giving away 10 gallons of Wee Heavey as wedding favors. I must bottle it all - uggghh.

Not much time for brewing this fall but I have to get these in:

Belgian Tripel (10 gallons)

Maibock (5 gallons)

Honey Doppel Maibock (5 gallons)

Steam beer (10 gallons)

And the occasional whim beer :)

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