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11/12/06 12:18 PM  
Bottling a New Saison Blended w/old Brett Beer
Hi guys. Dan and I are about to keg up a blended saison. We also want to bottle a magnum of it for Dan's birthday in June. What we have is an old Saison that had Brett Brux added to it in the secondary a couple of years ago (it still has a pellicle on it). It ended up being too dry/sour, etc., so we use it to blend with a new maltier saison and then top off the brett carboy with the leftover part of the malty saison and do it again in about a year.

We have a new saison that we made a couple of weeks ago that finished at 1.012. If we blend this with 25% to 50% of the brett saison, do you think we need to add bottling sugar to the magnum? We're assuming that the brett will continue to ferment some of the unfermentables in the new saison, but don't know how fast that will happen. We have about 7 months till we want to pop the magnum. What do you think?


11/13/06 10:37 AM  
Re: Bottling a New Saison Blended w/old Brett Beer
Joelle, what is the final gravity of the older beer?
11/13/06 12:45 PM  
Re: Bottling a New Saison Blended w/old Brett Beer
Not sure about the gravity of the old beer, haven't taken it in awhile. I figure it's pretty low because the brett has been working on half of it for about 2 years and the other half that was about 1.016 for one year. I'll take a reading and let you know.
11/13/06 01:35 PM  
Re: Bottling a New Saison Blended w/old Brett Beer
I ask because that might give you an idea how low the brett might take you. Based on that you may be able to tell what will happen if subjected to a 1.016 beer.
11/13/06 09:11 PM  
Re: Bottling a New Saison Blended w/old Brett Beer
OK, we just took a gravity reading on the old/sour beer and it is currently 1.006. We're planning to do a 50/50 blend with the new saison which has finished at 1.012. Do you guys think we should add priming sugar, or just let the brett do its thing. We'll want to drink it in 7 months. Normally we would prime with 1C corn sugar for a 5 gallon batch of saison. Maybe we should go with 3/4 cup this time?



11/14/06 09:33 AM  
Re: Bottling a New Saison Blended w/old Brett Beer
Wow Joelle, this is a tough call. I don't know how much gravity 3/4 cup of corn sugar would add, but I bet it would be less than 1.006 (the difference between you blended TG and what you might expect the residing brett to do). So you might already have enough left in the beer to provide enough CO2 sizzle. If it were me (and I was not able to force carbonate) I'd cross my fingers, add 1/4 cup corn sugar and check bottles monthly.

Anyone else?

11/14/06 08:30 PM  
Re: Bottling a New Saison Blended w/old Brett Beer
If you blend 2.5 gal 1.006 + 2.5 gal 1.012 you will have 5 gal of 1.009, an increase of 1.003 above the fully feremented brett beer.

Normally (no brett) adding 1 c corn sugar (5 oz) will give you about 2.75 CO2 volumes (high but too high). Corn sugar has a potential of 1.047 pppg (points per pound gal or something like that). So 1 pound in 5 gals is about 1.009. 5 oz/16 oz = 0.31 lb, so 1/3 lb in 5 gals is about 1.003.

If you add no sugar and the brett eats it all, you will have about 2.75 CO2 volumes. But not sure if brett will finish it all in 6 months, so adding 1/4 c(1.25 oz) sugar should give it a quicker boost. Worst case is yeast & brett eat everything but carb level would still be below 3.5 volumes. The magmun will hold but watch out on opening. Use heavy 750s or simial for the rest. or keg.

11/15/06 10:03 AM  
Re: Bottling a New Saison Blended w/old Brett Beer
Thanks for the gutwork Steve and the mathwork Ted. We're only planning to bottle the one magnum, so I'll convert the 1/4C per 5G to "x" per 1.5L and give it a try!


P.S. The Brewer's Art glasses came in the mail Steve. Thanks for setting up the trivia contest!

11/15/06 10:22 AM  
Re: Bottling a New Saison Blended w/old Brett Beer
Serious calculating - pretty funny that Teds answer, preceeded by solid math, and my answer, preceeded by "daaaah", were the same! Actually I took Ciscos advice a few weeks ago and picked up a copy of ProMash. I have not sparked it up yet, I guess I need to get on the stick. A paragraph of equasions sure makes a better impression than "daaaah".

Sorry again the case was missing one, one of these days I promise to make it up to you. Hope to see you in a swap some time, they really are fantastic experiences. Tonight 5 of us are sampling our attempts at varios wood aged beers...

11/15/06 12:10 PM  
Re: Bottling a New Saison Blended w/old Brett Beer
My gut told me the same thing, but it was full of beer, so I figured that a little extra figuring might be wise. I did check the CO2 volumes in ProMash. The "high but too high" was actually "high but not too high".
11/15/06 12:45 PM  
Re: Bottling a New Saison Blended w/old Brett Beer
Actually we did participate in a Tripel tasting quite awhile back (Pre-Homebbbrew board). We just haven't had anything that fit the recent ones. If we do, we'll be sure to shout.

I figured you meant "high but not too high" Ted. Thanks for the clarification though.

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