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Darel Matthews
11/12/06 10:49 PM  
Bottling Orval-ed saison?
I have a Saison I brewed in May (White Labs WLP565 - Saison), then in early August inoculated with the dregs from a bottle of Orval. I am thrilled with how this beer is progressing (I opersonally think it's perfect right now) but I was wondering when I can bottle it, and how to prime it so that I can allow it to develop yet still prevent bottle bombs. Should I cut back on priming sugar to account for the fact that brett will attenuate some of the sugars left in the beer? Or do I simply have to let it go for a while?
11/13/06 12:29 AM  
Re: Bottling Orval-ed saison?
Hi, when I have added Orval dregs to secondaries (from starters) , I have gone light on the fermentables. 1/4 dme 1/4 dextrose. Works good for me. mike
Darel Matthews
11/13/06 05:22 PM  
Re: Bottling Orval-ed saison?
Thanks Mike,

Do you mean 1/4 cup of each?


11/16/06 12:30 AM  
Re: Bottling Orval-ed saison?
Hi, yes, 1/4 cup of each. Works great for me, sorry for the late response. mike
Darel Matthews
11/16/06 08:13 PM  
Re: Bottling Orval-ed saison?
No problem, thanks a lot!


Tony J.
12/04/06 04:03 PM  
Re: Bottling Orval-ed saison?
What was the F.G. of the beer? Saison should be highly carbonated.

Darel Matthews
12/04/06 06:16 PM  
Re: Bottling Orval-ed saison?
OG 1.091, FG 1.014
12/04/06 06:30 PM  
Re: Bottling Orval-ed saison?
Eep. I think this one will be.

Darel, did you bottle it primed as noted above? Would be interesting to take an SG in 3 and 6 months. I bet the Dupont yeast plus Brett chews through another 5-6 gravity points . . .

Darel Matthews
12/04/06 08:49 PM  
Re: Bottling Orval-ed saison?
I haven't bottled it yet though I was planning on doing it as noted above (1/4c each corn sugar and DME, along with repitching a tube of yeast) this week. It's hunting season, I have bigger things to worry about for a couple weeks.

The beer was brewed in early May and straight WL Saison yeast knocked it down to 1.016 by August, when the Orval Brett was pitched - however the hydrometer readings hadn't budged in two months. I even repitched another tube of yeast in this time. I know this yeast is a notoriously slow fermenter but I figured it had done all it was going to do with a 1.091 wort, so I wanted to use the Brett to dry it out some more. It was pitched August 11th, which is almost four months now. Given the alcohol content of the beer currently, do you all really expect to get that much better attenuation from it? If so, no problem, I'll sit on it another month or two. But I think another 5 or 6 points is asking a lot, especially given that it only dropped me two points in the last four months.

Thanks for the advice guys! Keep it coming!

12/05/06 12:44 AM  
Re: Bottling Orval-ed saison?
Hm. Yeah, I hadn't really focused on your OG. At 1.014, you're at like 85% attenuation - pretty darn good. Never tried these yeasts with original gravity that high.
12/15/06 08:55 PM  
Re: Bottling Orval-ed saison?
I had one more question. Since I failed to previously post my gravities for this beer, does the recommendation for 1/4 cup each DME and corn sugar still hold? Or will my increased alcohol levels hurt carbonation to the point that I should use the normal amount of priming sugar anyway? Or does Brett work the same in a high-alc environment as it does in a normal beer?

Again, I had a 1.091 starting gravity and it's sitting at 1.014 (not bottled yet...still...).

Thanks again guys!

12/16/06 03:40 AM  
Re: Bottling Orval-ed saison?
Hi, the main reason that I use 1/4 DME and 1/4 corn sugar when bottling Orval dregs is that different bugs eat different things. I don't know if your higher gravity will matter. I suppose that it could take longer to carbonate, but increasing dosage could result in exploding bottles. It is always an experiment. mike
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