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11/18/06 11:46 PM  
recipe help - porter
i have access to a jw lees harvest ale/lagavulin barrel. i am looking to brew something to throw inside the cask. My initial idea was to brew a scotch ale (simple guy - simple thought) but now am thinking that i would like to do a porter. A beer with dark flavors but soft enough to engage the scotch flavors. Never having brewed a porter before, I was hoping you guys could chime in with ingredients that would match well with the scotch. I am thinking galena hops because of their sweetish profile and a combination of pale and dark malts. Any suggestions would be great!
11/19/06 10:17 AM  
Re: recipe help - porter
I haven't made a porter in a long time, but here's my old 5 gal extract recipe

3/4 lb of each med crystal & chocolate malt & black patent (steep in grain bag)

6.6 lb M&F pale syrup

1.0 lb M&F x-dark dry

2 oz Fuggles bittering

1 oz Fuggles last 15 min.

1084 Irish ale yeast

Never fit in either porter category but I always liked it. How did you get access to the JWLees cask? I have some bottles in the cellar for the future and would love to get one of the casks.

11/19/06 05:39 PM  
Re: recipe help - porter
<<i have access to a jw lees harvest ale/lagavulin barrel.>>

Holy crap man - how?? That really a homebrewers holy grail (or at least one of a few holy grails!). Before your question can be answered though chancq one must ask - do you extract, partial extract or all grain?

11/19/06 06:37 PM  
Re: recipe help - porter
1) I run a bar and purchased the cask and once emptied will have an area brewery clean it out and then will fill with my porter.

2) I do all but with time considerations right now, I only will probably do a partial extract.

3) The recipe I am going with is:

2 lbs. Roasted Barley

1 lbs. Black Malt

6 lbs. Pale Malt (extract)

2oz Galena Hops

1oz Fuggles

1oz Goldings

British Ale Type Yeast

I think that will be sweet/roasty enough to handle the lagavulin...might take out the galena and put just fuggles and goldings but i think the sweetness of galena will work well...

4) does anyone know if i can place a beer in the bottling bucket with fermentator top after primary fermentation to age...i only have one glass carboy and need to brew the porter asap but also need to age my barleywine sitting in the carboy. It has already been racked once and all signs of fermentation seem to be complete.

11/19/06 09:25 PM  
Re: recipe help - porter
chancq, if you are still open to suggestion I think you would do better with Carafa special II instead of the roast barley. More chocolately, especially when cold mashed. That would be very capatable with an extract brew.

OK, so you have a bar that has JW cask that needs to be emptied? Where might that be? Atually I wish I could say I'd help, I have to give up drinking for a little while. Sure are loads of folks here who'd love to know though.

11/19/06 10:28 PM  
Re: recipe help - porter
well the bar is in baltimore and I wouldnt say 'needs' to be emptied...we have been doing some work ourselves...i'll see if they have the carafa special II but I don't recall seeing any at the homebrew store today...thanks for the help...any thoughts on the last fermenter question?
11/19/06 11:02 PM  
Re: recipe help - porter
I would not recommend the bottling bucket for aging the barleywine, too much oxygen will oxidize the bw. I assume the bottling bucket is plastic and will have alot of head space. Plastic is usually not a good option long term, especially if active ferment is over. I'd recommend getting another carboy, you can never have too many.

Or do the porter in the plastic and then get it into the cask for secondary. How big is the cask? Are you going to be able to fill it?

Max's on Broadway? I had the JW Lees on cask there two summers ago.

11/20/06 06:39 AM  
Re: recipe help - porter
Oops, missed that one chancq. I agree with Ted, I would not keep maturing beer in plastic for any real duration. Carboys arn't that expensive, you really need two. Funny to see myself type that, I could not imagine life with just 2! But realistically, if you have just one carboy you can only make one beer at a time. Unless you have kegs. Sometimes I go right to cornys, cold condition then transfer.
11/20/06 08:54 AM  
Re: recipe help - porter
so you guys are saying that I could ferment in the bottling bucket with the porter and then transfer that to the carboy? the bottling bucket is a 5-gallon plastic one...
11/20/06 09:20 AM  
Re: recipe help - porter
Yeah, not only could but should, that is normally how the primary/secondary fermentation goes. But be warned, after the second carboy the third is pretty easy to buy. The forth easier still. I think I have 9.
11/20/06 11:53 AM  
Re: recipe help - porter
Not quite. Primary ferment (1-2 weeks) the porter in the bucket. Leave the BW in carboy for aging (weeks or months). When primary is over, rack the porter to either your new carboy (hint, hint) or to the cask, if you have enough beer to actually fill it. A partially filled cask may work for a few days but I think it may be problem and do more harm than good (leaks, too much head space, mold). Get some friends to also brew your recipe and help fill it.

Another option is, when the primary is done, bottle the BW and use the carboy for your porter. I like to age BW a few months before bottling, but it will age in the bottle also and would be better than if aged in plastic.

11/20/06 09:04 PM  
Re: recipe help - porter
sorry its not a cask but a pin so the size is perfect at 5.3 gallons...thanks for the help guys
11/20/06 11:09 PM  
Re: recipe help - porter
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