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Ross Lunato
12/09/06 02:14 PM  
2007 White Labs Strains
From White Labs web site:

White Labs has introduced the new Platinum program lineup for 2007, and it includes promoting some strains to year-round status and bringing others into the program for the first time.

The long-running and popular Platinum program involves releasing two different strains every two months for homebrewers to use. The program was instituted to bring greater diversity of yeast strains to homebrewers and to give them a chance to experiment with strains otherwise only available to professionals.

The former Platinum strains WLP041 Pacific Ale and WLP940 Mexican Lager are being added year-round, and additional changes to the lineup were made, including the addition of WLP566 Saison II, WLP515 Antwerp Ale Yeast, and WLP009 Australian Ale Yeast.

In another change for the year-round homebrew lineup, WLP010 10th Anniversary Blend is being discontinued. It was created for the 10th anniversary of White Labs; since that time has ended, so has this yeast blend.

As for the Platinum program, here is the full lineup for 2007. Note that many of the strains that were offered in previous years are still part of the program but are offered at different times of the year.

January/February WLP009 Australian Ale and WLP022 Essex

March/April WLP039 Nottingham and WLP540 Abbey IV

March/June - WLP036 Dusseldorf and WLP410 Belgian Wit

July/August - WLP351 Bavarian Hefeweizen and WLP566 Saison II

September/October - WLP515 Antwerp Ale Yeast and WLP885 Zurich Lager

November/December - WLP510 Belgian Bastogne and WLP026 Premium Bitter

All changes take effect Jan. 1.

bruce phipps
12/09/06 02:30 PM  
Re: 2007 White Labs Strains
Antwerp Ale ... must be de Koninck, surely?

I'll definitely try this one if it will help me make a passable deK clone.



WLP515 Antwerp Ale Yeast

Clean, almost lager like Belgian type ale yeast. Good for Belgian type pales ales and amber ales, or with blends to combine with other Belgian type yeast strains. Biscuity, ale like aroma present. Hop flavors and bitterness are accentuated. Slight sulfur will be produced during fermentation, which can give the yeast a lager like flavor profile.

Attenuation: 73-80%

Flocculation: Medium

Optimum Fermentation Temperature: 67-70*F

12/11/06 10:37 AM  
Re: 2007 White Labs Strains
Wyeast 3655 Schelde is already out and is available year round. It is the De Koninck yeast. I recently used it to make a De Koninck pale. It turned out very close. I'll be going for the De Koninck blonde in the next few days since I have the yeast ready to go.
12/11/06 07:56 PM  
Re: 2007 White Labs Strains
N8, any chance you could share that DK recipe? i've got some schelde yeast ready to go and am pondering a DK clone (as well as a belgian doppelbock-stout with all munich II base).

btw just brewed sthg similar to your chouffe clone and it's lookin good.

12/11/06 09:27 PM  
Re: 2007 White Labs Strains
De Kloninck, for 11 gals:

OG 1.052, FG 1.008, IBUs 25.1

15.25# Pils malt

3.0# Vienna

3.0oz 4.3% Saaz hops at 60min

Mash in at 122F for 20min. Single decoction to raise the temp to 150F, rest for 60min. Right before runoff, add about 1/4# of finely ground chocolate malt, stir in well, start vorlauf and runoff. This adds a bit of color without any chocolate malt flavor.

Boil for 90 min.

started fermentation at 65F ramped up to 75 over one week. Total fermentation time 3 weeks. racked to kegs, cold condition at 30F for three weeks, rack off sediment into serving keg.

12/11/06 10:08 PM  
Re: 2007 White Labs Strains
looks good! i will be kloninck your klone very soon.
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