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12/10/06 01:10 PM  
missed o.g.
I brewed a pale ale a couple of days ago hoping to achieve my calculated original gravity of 1.060, but missed quite badly and hit at 1.048. Now, my plan is to add a pound of d.m.e. or dextrose at transfer to my secondary, which should be about right but, I have never done this and am not sure it is a good idea. Anyone have any thoughts about this? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Ross Lunato
12/10/06 03:08 PM  
Re: missed o.g.

Gosh, that's a tough one. My first instinct is to say just go with it and let it ferment out but you may end up with a very bitter ale because of the BU:GU ratio. However, I know some of the posters here have added sugar to the secondary when brewing high gravity beers but I'm not sure how this would work with your yeast or how it might thin out the body on an already low gravity beer. Trying to "fix" a beer once it's already in the fermenter has never worked well for me. I'm not super experienced yet, I've only brewed about 15 batches. But, honestly, if it were me, I'd probably just let it ferment out and bottle it, or....please don't kill me......dump it.

12/10/06 05:22 PM  
Re: missed o.g.
You hit the nail right on the head Ross. I boiled 2 ounces of 12.7 a.a. chinook hops for 60 minutes and an ounce of 7a.a. cascades for 30 in this which I think would balance out a 1.060 wort pretty well,but with what I have it may be way to bitter. I may just let it go,I don't know, but i won't dump it.
Christian Skovdal Andersen
12/10/06 07:13 PM  
Re: missed o.g.
DME might work, if you can get the fermentation started again. Skip the dextrose - it will only make matters worse and thin out the beer.

In this case, blending is your friend.

Brew another batch with high OG and low bitterness, let it ferment and blend the two of them.

Or just bottle it and let it sit for a few weeks to mature some of the bitterness away. It may en duo delicious.


12/11/06 07:44 AM  
Re: missed o.g.
Man, 2 z's of Chinook in a 1048 brew! Still, I would not add the sugar. Malt will balance out hops, but just raw gravity won't. If it were me I'd ferment it out, see what happens and if you have something oppressivly hopped make another balancing (under hopped) batch and blend.

A better question would be why did you miss by so much?

Jamie, when you say "calculate" what do you mean? Were these numbers offered up by something like ProMash?

12/11/06 10:48 AM  
Re: missed o.g.
I think Steve is right that you should taste it first, once the ferment has slowed down, and see if it's really so far out of balance that you don't like it.

If it is, then I am sure the blending idea would work. I think it also would possible to bring the beer into balance by adding something less than a full second batch of beer. Surely SOME amount of DME would add enough malt character, but you might get there faster with crystal malt. You could try steeping some crystal, boiling the runnings for 30 minutes, and then adding that and letting it ferment out. This would change the character of the beer of course, but I think there are a lot of good pale ales out there that largely balance their hops with crystal.

12/11/06 11:47 AM  
Re: missed o.g.
You know, I missed the "d.m.e. or dextrose" part, I just skimmed and saw dextrose. Sorry 'bout that. I guess the dme thing could have en effect, in all these years its not something I've ever tried. I think though that if that is the route to go you should not think in terms of the amount of dme by weight as much as the gravity and volume of the new wort you'd be introducing. I would imagine ProMash would make short work of the question "how much wort (dicated by what will fit reasonably in your fermentor) of what gravity will bring the effective starting grav up to your original target?"
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