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12/13/06 02:04 PM  
wyeast 1214 attenuation
Well I brewed a dark strong last Saturday with a og of 1.095. I just checked the gravity and it was down to 1.010. My grain bill consisted of pils, aromatic and 2 oz of carafa special that I mashed at 147. I added 1 bottle of candy syrup and 2 lbs of dextrose to the kettle. I pitched a 1/2 gallon starer of 1214 with 2 1.5 minute shots of oxygen. It started fermenting at 68 degrees but it got away from me beyond my strip therometer 78+ and I was afraid to cool it down beyond a wet towel for at least 24 hours. Slowly over the course of a day it settled in at 74-78. I've never used 1214 before so I'm not sure what to expect expect flavor wise. Is it normal for this yeast to attenuate like this?
12/13/06 02:51 PM  
Re: wyeast 1214 attenuation
That's pretty extreme, but sounds quite plausible. Most (all?) Belgian yeasts have high attenuation levels. That's about 90% attenuation. The 1214 yeast is from Chimay and Brew Like a Monk has a table which suggests Chimay get 89% attenuation on their tripel so it sounds like you have gone one better. ;)
12/13/06 03:17 PM  
Re: wyeast 1214 attenuation
It was the most violent fermentation I've ever seen in the 65+ batches I've brewed. I lost about 3/4 of a gallon out of the blow off and i could have heated my house with the heat radiating of it.
Ross Lunato
12/13/06 10:39 PM  
Re: wyeast 1214 attenuation
Wow! That is some fermentation action! I brewed a 1.048 beer about a month ago and fermented it @ 72*F with 1214. I got 81% attenuation. Pretty good beer though.
12/14/06 03:22 PM  
Re: wyeast 1214 attenuation
I got 83% attenuation in my last Belgian Amber (OG 1.062). That was with WLP 500, which I believe is the same strain as 1214, and 15% of various sugars.
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