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12/13/06 08:26 PM  
saison w/ wl500 yeast
Was brewing the other nite and realized i didn't have any 3724 or similiar around, but found in back of the fridge a vail of wl500. Pitched it and it's perkolating wonderfully. But i wonder, what type of flavor can i expect? Fruity esters with paradise seeds? I'm at a loss, anyone have a clue or is this all wrong? thnks
Ross Lunato
12/13/06 10:29 PM  
Re: saison w/ wl500 yeast

I brewed a Hennepin type beer except with a 1.048 original gravity and fermented it at 73*F with Wyeast 1214 which is supposed to be the equivalent to WLP500. The final beer had a clean, somewhat fruity, but also citrusy flavor and aroma. Very lemony. It does remind me of a Saison but my attenuation came in at 81% which is too low to be called a Saison IMO. I would classify this beer as a Special or Single. I definetly could see fermenting it warmer and getting more Saison-like qualities from this yeast. Saison or not, this is a good yeast and I think you'll like your beer.

01/08/07 10:46 AM  
Re: saison w/ wl500 yeast
I made a Saison before with 1214. I spiced it some and fermented warm (80F). A very fruity yeast. A real good tasting saison.
01/08/07 07:38 PM  
Re: saison w/ wl500 yeast
Since saison just means season, than why the hell not. If you are trying to nail a saison dupont clone, than use that yeast, but if you are just looking to brew a seasonal use whatever you like.
02/20/07 06:26 PM  
Re: saison w/ wl500 yeast
thanks all, the Saison turned out great,how about exceptional and is my best beer to date. Trouble is i only have a 1/2 case left... lets dig out that recipe again...
Ross Lunato
02/20/07 11:26 PM  
Re: saison w/ wl500 yeast
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