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12/17/06 06:51 PM  
Red Wine yeast for Saison
After reading Farmhouse Ales, and the idea that Dupont's yeast started off as a red wine yeast...I was wondering if anybody has tried fermenting a saison with a wine yeast? Thanks.
12/17/06 09:38 PM  
Re: Red Wine yeast for Saison
I would bet that it is going to be hard to find someone who has done this. That being said, do it. I guarantee that it wont be bad. It may be odd, but certainly wouldnt taste terrible. I am definitely uncertain if the flavor profile would be near Dupont or the likes. But my best suggestion would be to try it with a two or three gallon batch and see what is like (then tell us what the results are :) ).
12/18/06 01:12 AM  
Re: Red Wine yeast for Saison
Keep in mind that if you use a red wine yeast that it won't be exactly what you want. It does say that it started off as a red wine yeast, so I would suspect that it went through some serious mutation to get to what it is today.
12/18/06 09:18 AM  
Re: Red Wine yeast for Saison
Here is a guy on another board who did a split batch between WL Saison yeast, WL Cabernet yeast, and WL Cab/US-56.

"Anyway, pulled a glass of the beer/wine combo last night. Weird as hell -- darker than I expected (I suspect oxidation in the fermenter due to piss-poor cellarmanship by yours truly ... ironic, no?), but loaded to the brim with wacky aromas of fruit: strawberry, apple, citrus, grapes, etc., etc. Not all that dry, unfortunately. Decent drink, but deeply strange. We'll see what the wine-yeast only is like when I clean off another serving line."


12/18/06 11:13 AM  
Re: Red Wine yeast for Saison
thanks for the responses.

MikeT - looks like they've already tried it. Doesn't sound quite so good.... oh well.

bob kunz
01/06/07 12:48 AM  
Re: Red Wine yeast for Saison
I have now used a red wine/golden ale yeast blend for three generations and have been quite pleased with the results. unique. yes. wacky. yes. characterful. yes. Aroma and flavor have a quite distinct tropical/apple fruitiness. Acidity is fairly high. When i used just straight red wine yeast it was quite a bit more acidic and distinct, but not as drinkable and nice as when i've blended with ale yeast. If your curious I say go for it, I've enjoyed the results.
01/06/07 12:46 PM  
Re: Red Wine yeast for Saison
Hey Bob K. Which red wine yeast did you use with the ale yeast? That sounds real good. I may try this , this spring when I make a series of saisons.
01/07/07 06:19 PM  
Re: Red Wine yeast for Saison
I've done a beer/juice hybrid a couple of ways. It's mostly a lightly hopped light ale (DME) and I add pommegranate juice at flame out. The first time I did it I split the batch for fermentation (wine yeast vs. nottingham) I found the sourness (from the Pomm. juice) so strong it overpowered any flavor differences that could be attributed to the yeast. The wine yeast did finish drier than the ale yeast.

cheers, scamborn

01/08/07 12:26 PM  
Re: Red Wine yeast for Saison
As another data point, Russian River uses wine yeast in some of their beers, but usually for bottle conditioning. Check out the bottle log at russianriverbrewing.com for more details.

Can't wait for the Russian River dinner at Monk's in two weeks.

01/12/07 01:25 AM  
Re: Red Wine yeast for Saison
TedJ, If you go don't forget to have the Temptation. I live about a hour away from Russian River, so there is a bottle or two if Russian river in my fridge...
01/12/07 04:55 PM  
Re: Red Wine yeast for Saison
Cuda, I've been slowing working on a case of Temptation that I bought over a year ago. Also have a new case of Damnation. Looking for a taste of some others like Beatification.
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