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Kelly Jewell
12/17/06 08:06 PM  
Belgian Candi Syrup
I am in Tehachapi CA and was going to order some of the Belgian Candi Syrup for a Strong Dark that I like to make. I read many posts and can't seem to find the optimal amount. My normal recipe is 1lb dark candi sugar and some pinocillo. Anyone done a whole bottle in replacement?

Also, this stuff is pretty expensive even on sale brew-kits.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=206, is it really worth the money?

12/17/06 08:13 PM  
Re: Belgian Candi Syrup
I don't really look at it in terms of weight, I added a 500 ml bottle. I can say after a decade + the syrup finally brought me close to an authentic tasting double.
Greg W
12/17/06 09:35 PM  
Re: Belgian Candi Syrup
I used 1/2 a bottle in a 2.5 gallon dubel recently, which was the entire amount of sugar I added to the recipe. The flavor of the syrup was good but too overpowering. I am planning on trying the recipe again, using 1/2 the syrup and substituting sucrose for the rest of the sugar addition.
Kelly Jewell
12/17/06 09:46 PM  
Re: Belgian Candi Syrup
Thanks alot, I will try with a full bottle and see how it goes.

I was worried that at $5.99 I would be wasting my money.

12/18/06 01:11 AM  
Re: Belgian Candi Syrup
I did a Westy 8 clone with the syrup and using nothing but pils malt and the syrup, which was a full bottle for 5 gals it was preferred over the Westvleteren 8 in a side by side blind tasting with a few friends.

I can say my vote is definetly go for the syrup, you won't be sorry.

Eric K
12/18/06 11:31 AM  
Re: Belgian Candi Syrup
Hey Nate, when did you add the Dark Candy Syrup? Last time I created a doubble (for last years swap) I added 3/4 of the bottle at 60 min into a 90 min boil. The syrup flavor was definitely detectable, so I'm curious: late or early additon to the pot?
12/18/06 05:40 PM  
Re: Belgian Candi Syrup
I added the syrup in the last 10 minutes of the boil. I've come to find that I get a better flavor profile if I add sugars and syrups at the end just to give it a bit sterilization.
12/19/06 10:09 AM  
Re: Belgian Candi Syrup
Erik, you can go either way depending on the desired results. I've only boiled short period and you get a nice, direct flavor from the syrup. But long term will change it into something else. During the LCS swap I noticed the beers that boiled for a while developed an unmistakable (at least to me) pie cherry character. In the last swap (woody) Chet sent a beer but could not make it to the tasting. We drank it, I tasted the cherry background and said that I thought he used LCS and boiled it for a while. When it came up on the board Chet said he did indeed ad LCS in one of the beers (his was a blend) and boiled it for 30 minutes. 30 minutes is the shortest boil I've encountered that yielded this character.
Eric K
12/19/06 02:38 PM  
Re: Belgian Candi Syrup
Hmmmmm...Cherry pie flavor. Not a bad thing, but I'm not sure if I want such a flavor in a doubble. A dark strong ale perhaps. I was expecting a dry earthy flavor with the DCS addition, but it was more malty sweet and figgy than anything. A bit too sweet for my liking.

Thanks for the info Steve, hope your feeling better.

12/19/06 06:00 PM  
Re: Belgian Candi Syrup
Hi Folks -

I also am having first experiences with the dark candi syrup. Used a whole bottle per batch recently in each of a 5 gal Dubbel and Quad. I tried to cover my ass flavor-wise by adding in 1/4's over a 60 minute boil at 60-45-30-15 min.

The Dubbel (just bottled) came out much lighter in body than anticipated, so I've been checking my percent calculations for the sugar amount. I'm curious to compare notes with everyone else. I have been guesstimating the 500ml bottles are 2 lbs by weight. Assuming 20% is the maximum acceptable sugar, do you figure this by weight or anticipated gravity points? (i.e. max 2 lbs from sugar out of 10 lbs of fermentables or, say, max 15 pts from sugar out of 75 total gravity points)?

12/20/06 10:32 AM  
Re: Belgian Candi Syrup
The weight of 2 bottles will be very close to 3.5lbs and I figure 1.031 per pound extraction in ProMash.
12/21/06 12:06 PM  
Re: Belgian Candi Syrup
Thanks, Cisco!

So, I am going to rework considering a single bottle as 1.75 lbs or 1.054 extract (about 11 points in a 5 gal batch.

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