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12/18/06 01:23 PM  
Starter size for OG 1.071 Strong Golden
Hi All

THis is my first big beer (8% ABV) and I'm not sure what size yeast(WY3522)starter to use.

From "How to Brew": 1/2 cup of DME to 1 pint will produce an ~OG 1.040

I tapped Mr. Malty for piching rate - see below.

"Mr. Malry Pitching Rate Calculator" v4.01

OG 1.071 , Batch 5.25 gal,

Viability (From Date) 97%, Production Date (12/13/2006) my est.

# yeast cells needed (billions): 244

# vials or packs without starter: 2.6

# vials or packs without starter: 1

# Quarts of starter needed: 2.63

It gives qts of starter but how much DME do I add. Is it proportional to the starter volume and do I aim for a starter OG of 1.071?

Also has anyone gotten or know of off flavors from a starter?


12/18/06 02:24 PM  
Re: Starter size for OG 1.071 Strong Golden
Hey "D. Bruin" (brewin'?)

I usually target about 1.030 for starter wort SG. A Servomyces tablet (or fraction thereof) or other yeast nutrient wouldn't hurt either. I'm sure there are others here who have further and perhaps more stringent recommendations . . .

12/18/06 03:06 PM  
Re: Starter size for OG 1.071 Strong Golden
Hey ErikH,

Yep! I'll be brewing a strong golden this weekend (an AG recipe graciously provided by N8 that I converted to extract)

My BPA finally finished. Took two readings 5 days apart and got 1.015 both times so I bottled those badboys.

THis was only my fourth batch and my first Belgian. Prim. 7days, 2nd 37 days, first week of 3 week bottle condition.

Nice balanced flavor upfront but sharp aftertaste (both sides of tounge and cheeks) but disipates quickly.

So for a starter you have an standard OG of 1.030 whether it's 2 pints or 2 quarts regardless of the beer OG?

Ross Lunato
12/18/06 05:45 PM  
Re: Starter size for OG 1.071 Strong Golden


Darel Matthews
12/18/06 09:04 PM  
Re: Starter size for OG 1.071 Strong Golden
As stated above Jamil (Mr. Malty) recommends a starter gravity of 1.035-1.040 so that's what he's assuming when he gives you starter volume.

Doesn't the newer version of the calculator allow you to check off things like stir plate or yeast nutrient and factor them into the pitch rate? I always throw some yeast nutrient in anyway, it can't hurt and it's cheap (except Servomyces. :) )


Yes, shoot for 1.030-1.040 starter gravity regardless of volume.


12/18/06 09:25 PM  
Re: Starter size for OG 1.071 Strong Golden

Thanks Darel,

Do any of you have a stir plate and has it been worth the investment?

Al B
12/19/06 06:07 PM  
Re: Starter size for OG 1.071 Strong Golden
Well, I use a stirplate for bigger brews. But you can also use an aqurium pump with a sterile filter (and boil the hose to the starter media). Oxygen and good mixing make happy yeast.

12/19/06 08:27 PM  
Re: Starter size for OG 1.071 Strong Golden
I just give mine a good vigorous shake every chance I get (whenever I walk past it on the kitchen counter basically). It really does make a difference. I just haven't scrounged up a stir plate yet. I oxygenate with the aq pump when I first make the starter but I don't leave it on the O2 for extended periods of time.


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