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12/20/06 11:40 AM  
What IBU % Util formula do YOU use?
Hi All,

I have been using the web BrewTools brew software. My choices of IBU formulas are listed below in side by side comparison. I know other software has same or different formulas

Being new to brew and not yet researching/understanding the differences, I usually choose the default "brew tools" formula. This formula seems on the hoppy side but I'm aware there can be other variences. I surprised at the differences in the formulas below.

So for those who have made a choice either on emperical research or experience which formulation do YOU use and why or is it none of the below?

(It could be a head scratcher. Have a homebrew first:)

Hop %AA Oz. Boil min

Styrian Goldings (Pellets) 4.8 1.3 60

Formula %U @ IBU


BeerTools 26.6 24.9

Basic 25.0 23.4

Rager 24.9 23.2 Avg IBU

Garetz 17.4 16.3 20.4

Mosher 18.3 17.1

Tinseth 15.9 14.9

Daniels 24.9 23.2


Hop %AA Oz. Boil min

Mt. Hood (Pellets)4.2 .5 15

Formula %U @ IBU


BeerTools 5.9 1.9

Basic 10.0 3.1

Rager 8.4 2.6 Avg IBU

Garetz 4.6 1.4 2.6

Mosher 9.2 2.9

Tinseth 7.9 2.5

Daniels 12.4 3.9

Ross Lunato
12/20/06 01:39 PM  
Re: What IBU % Util formula do YOU use?
I use mostly Rager but will sometimes try Tinseth. Tinseth requires a known concentration factor in order to perform it's calculations. My concentration factor is about 1.38.
12/20/06 01:52 PM  
Re: What IBU % Util formula do YOU use?
I use mostly Rager. The important part for me is to use the same formula consistently so that I can reproduce the beers that I enjoy. Chances are the %AA you input is just a guess -- often you only have the average for the variety for the harvest year printed on your label, not the actual % for that lot of hops. Even if you have the starting aa% correct, the deterioration with age is dependent on storage conditions. Since we don't have the tools to measure the actual values, just pick one and use it consitently and you'll get close should you want to reproduce a particular beer and you'll dial in your recipes over time (if you keep good brewing & tasting notes).
12/21/06 11:53 AM  
Re: What IBU % Util formula do YOU use?
I have used Rager via the hbd.org Recipator calculator -it seems to give the most useful results. Tinseth values always seem too low with this spreadsheet/software . . .
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