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Ron Pattinson
12/29/06 12:56 PM  
Homebrew challenge - big prizes
Iīm proud to announce my first (and possibly last) homebrew challenge.

Iīve got tired of trying to guess what old beers would have tasted like by looking at the recipes. The obvious solution would be to brew them myself. But thereīs one slight problem with that: Iīm a crap brewer. So I thought: "why not get someone else to do it for you?".

I learnt long ago that you donīt get anything for nothing in this world. You need an incentive.

Hereīs what the lucky winner will receive:

- free beer for one day in Wildeman

- 10 bottles of their choice from my cellar

- 50 euros to spend in De Bierkoning

"What do I have to do to win this wonderful prize?" I hear you ask. Donīt worry, no sacrificing of first borns is required. You just have to brew two beers.

Not any two beers, obviously. One Porter and one Stout. Brewed to specs for the 19th century beers that I have here:




One Porter and one Stout from the same brewery and from the same year. For example, Griffin Brewery Rg Porter and SSS Stout from 1867. Or Barclay Perkins TT Porter and Brown Stout (BSt) from 1812.

The rules are:

- the malt percentages must be as listed

- OG must be as listed (within a point or two)

- the only hops allowed are Goldings

- no ingredients allowed other than malt, hops, water and yeast, except for sugar to prime the bottles

The first person to present me with beers that meet these criteria wins.

The competiton is open to anyone, anywhere. You just have to get the bottles to Amsterdam.

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