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12/31/06 09:36 AM  
Don't like them bananas!
I am overly sensitive to the bananna ester and am wondering what belgian strain you folks have found to have the least of it. I like fruitiness otherwise and some tartness. The worst I have found is wyeast 1214, fermented in the 60's OR the 70's--I couldn't even drink it although a couple friends thought it was OK.
12/31/06 11:45 AM  
Re: Don't like them bananas!
1214(Chimay) is a big banana maker for sure. I've found 3787 (Westmalle's) yeast to have low to nothing for banana and bubble gum esters. Duvel's yeast (1388) has some banana. Rochefort's (1762) is very clean with no banana ester. Also Hoegarden's witte yeast (3944) doesn't have banana's either. Sorry I've not used white labs yeast enough to mention.
12/31/06 11:52 AM  
Re: Don't like them bananas!
I'm the same way with banana esters. So far I've found Wyeast 1762 and 3522 to be good if you don't want to wait for months for the esters to mellow, 3522 being my preference. The 3463 and 3787 are good but need quite a bit of time to mellow in my experience. Got a pack of the new 3655 Shelde I'm anxious to try. And the Canadian/Belgian strain, I forget the number. Also 3724 Saison. Got some brewing to do!
01/02/07 10:33 AM  
Re: Don't like them bananas!
I have gotten low/no banana esters from the Wyeast Ardennes and Saison strains, and not much from 3787 either. And I have heard almost nothing but bad things about 1214, usually relating to banana or solvent esters.

Also an insufficient pitching rate and/or using yeast that are not well-aerated enough will lead to excesses of acetate esters, including banana and solvent. But I bet some strains probably produce a lot of banana almost regardless of what you do with them--and mabye 1214 is one of them?

01/02/07 12:16 PM  
Re: Don't like them bananas!
My own WY1214 and WLP500 beers have both had quite a lot of banana character when young, but it has always mellowed out in time (say two months).
Ross Lunato
01/02/07 12:19 PM  
Re: Don't like them bananas!
I brewed a batch of a couple of months ago and fermented it with 1214 and had no banana aroma or taste whatsoever. Final gravity on this beer was 12*P and I fermented it at 72*F after oxygenating for two minutes. Also, this beer was hopped to only 18IBU and had some spices added. Flavor was clean, a bit fruity although I could detect some sulphur in there. Maybe the banana ester really shows up with this yeast on higher gravity brews?
01/02/07 02:00 PM  
Re: Don't like them bananas!
Could be the bigger beers get more banana esters. The higher the gravity the more esters are produced.
01/04/07 03:29 PM  
Re: Don't like them bananas!
<<Wyeast Ardennes>>

I agree with Baums, I made a triple with this yeast - except I WANTED bananarama! Bad luck for my inner chimpanzee.

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