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01/05/07 08:28 PM  
Silk Screen Label Removal
Anyone found a reasonable way to remove silk screened labels from bottles so they may be reused?

I recently came across some great deals on Unibroue and have several cases of the 750ml bottles. They are great bottles and I'd love to reuse them for some of my brews, but would like to remove the silk screened labels.


01/06/07 08:27 AM  
Re: Silk Screen Label Removal
I'm not sure anything less than zip strip could do the job. I'm using a lot of that now (refinishing the stairs in my old house), I'll see if I can find a screen bottle and strip it.
01/06/07 10:19 AM  
Re: Silk Screen Label Removal
I had a Watou Triple bottle in the recycle bin so I gave zip strip a go. Holy cow, it didn't make a dent. Nothing, and that's the best paint stripper I know. Anyone have another idea?
01/06/07 12:54 PM  
Re: Silk Screen Label Removal
i remember someone recently saying that cranberry juiced did the job nicely, but that you needed alot of it to do multiple bottles as it stopped being useful pretty quick. Perhaps an acid of some sort would do the trick.
Matt Walker (mwsf)
01/06/07 04:09 PM  
Re: Silk Screen Label Removal
With some bottles, Oxyclean followed by StarSan has worked for me. I found that it worked completely by accident. I was washing and sanitizing some Speakeasy bottles and as I was pulling them from the sanitizer, I found the paint coming off on my hands. A quick once-over with a paint scraper got it all off. Not sure if this will work for all silk-screened bottles, but it worked for me with Speakeasy and Stone.
01/07/07 07:47 AM  
Re: Silk Screen Label Removal
Fingernail polish remover was a no-go. Then again, it may be significant that I'm working on a bottle produced in Belgium and Marks were made in Canada. I hope so, zip strip doing nothing makes it seem like the image on the bottle is forever.
01/13/07 05:26 PM  
Re: Silk Screen Label Removal
I just paint over th silk sreen part with green spay paint.
02/24/07 10:59 AM  
Re: Silk Screen Label Removal
If a strong solvent isn't working (aceton/ nail polish remover usually isn't enough) then it might be enamel permenantly fused to the bottle. A dremel tool with sandpaper should do the trick, but probably isn't worth it.
02/25/07 12:17 PM  
Re: Silk Screen Label Removal
Maybe I'm too paranoid, but I steer clear of reusing the bottles with silk screening because there's supposed to be lead in the ink. I bet not all of them use it and it's probably not in any high concentration, but there's no tolerable lead exposure and I don't know which ones have it and at what quantity.

That said, before I found out about the lead I found a razor blade worked like a charm.

02/25/07 12:26 PM  
Re: Silk Screen Label Removal
Based on experinece with old dinnerware where the decoration washed off over time by way of the diswasher: high PH (paint remover, straight dishwasher detergent) is better than low PH for getting pigments off of glass. It make take a long soak, and it may make the surface of the glass frosty.


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