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01/06/07 11:11 AM  
Racking Dubbel
Hi Folks!

New at the whole brewing thing but after a successful porter and amber I decided to brew a dubbel. My first beer (a DT clone) tasted AWFUL, almost smokey like with a long aftertaste. Not sure what happened, but I haven't had any issues sense. Anyway, my Dubbel friend is fermenting away quietly behind me and I was wondering what the general guidelines for racking are. My friends usually do it after a week, and then again about 10 days later, but I'm not too sure they're using a best practice there. Any hints? Thanks!

01/06/07 12:07 PM  
Re: Racking Dubbel
I rack when the activity in the airlock has stopped, or very nearly stopped. I only use a primary fermenter, then rack into kegs that have been purged w/ CO2. Moving beer is just a chance for something to go wrong, so I try to minimize it unless there is a good reason to transfer.

I'll carbonate & serve out of the keg. Only time I might transfer again would be if I was going to take the keg somewhere. If the keg is undisturbed, yeast & protiens settle out on the bottom, but can be resuspended in your beer if things get shaken up a bit. I'll transfer between kegs (pushing w/ CO2) if I am taking a keg to a party, but leave it alone if I'm just serving it from my cooler.

01/12/07 05:55 PM  
Re: Racking Dubbel
I to racked my beer just as it stops fermenting,but found 1 out of 3 brews tastes like smoked wood and i don't want to throw it away but it doesn't get any better with age.sterilise the whole room before attempting to rack.Until i can keep the brew under co2 i'm not racking anymore,and i bottle mine.Good Luck finding a way.
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