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01/11/07 09:33 PM  
Fantome Hiver
Wow, has anybody had this one. The one I am currently drinking (that I had to drive 120 miles to get) is super wild, way more wild than any of the other Fantomes Ive had. Has anyone else experienced this or is the one I just picked up older than the others. Very tasty.

Nonetheless, I saved the dregs and will be running that through a blow up phase to do a test batch and see what it tastes like in the short-term.

01/12/07 01:28 AM  
Re: Fantome Hiver
Haven't had this one, yet, but thanks for the heads up. I'll definetly be keeping an eye out for it.
01/12/07 06:55 AM  
Re: Fantome Hiver
Al has done some work isolating Fantome dregs. He has told me of 2 items that look like brett strains except he can't specifically identify them! Being that he has samples of all the brett strains we brewers know of that is pretty compelling. He's brewed with the stuff he's worked up and just this week told me he has one ready to try.
Al B
01/12/07 08:58 AM  
Re: Fantome Hiver
Indeed. I made a White Saison w/ WY biere de Garde (primary) then added a recultured Fantome Brett (secondary). Then bottled w/ a recultured Fantome Sacch.

Funky-town funked up......and I didn't even use all of the bugs from Fantome. Funky, dry, fruity, spicy, very slightly tart.

Al B funk

01/12/07 10:10 AM  
Re: Fantome Hiver
Nice, sounds good.

Is my expeirience with this beer b/c they age it longer, or was it on the shelf longer in the store? I have had Black Ghost and Noel, and neither was as funky as Hiver.

Al B
01/12/07 10:15 AM  
Re: Fantome Hiver
Most likely it was on the shelf awhile, although I haven't had the Hiver yet. Ditto with me and Black ghost, Noel.

I've had some get more tart from the lactobacilli - which is a course from aging.

01/17/07 05:04 AM  
Re: Fantome Hiver
tell ;me the results about the re fermentation from my yeat ! interesting !!!
Al B
01/17/07 09:13 AM  
Re: Fantome Hiver
Hi Dany!

There are many isolates in your terrific beers.

I have just started using one of your indigenous Brettanomyces yeast I found in Black Ghost.

It is Bready, fruity , similar to Wyeast B. lambicus but no pie-cherry character - slow to ferment at first but becomes a strong fermenter. It has emerged as a dominant flavor in my brew.

I may be using it in a wild ale as a sole fermenter soon! What fun!

01/17/07 11:01 AM  
Re: Fantome Hiver
Wow, this website is amazing. I cant believe some of the people here. Will do Dany.
01/17/07 05:06 PM  
Re: Fantome Hiver
I've never gotten anything from the Hiver. I currently have something going with my next-to-last bottle of Dark White. I managed to start something in one other bottle of Dark White a few months ago and it is fairly nice in the bottle. Not as Lactobacillus dominant as other Fantomes, but rather more balanced, with hints of Brett that will hopefully become stronger with aging. I brewed a small (2 gallon) batch with a culture from Ete this fall as well that really has some lactic bite.

My best success was about four years ago with a bottle of La Gourmande. I think this one was slightly lower alcohol (7%) and somewhat fresh-ish (for the West Coast of the US), and the results were great in a framboise-style beer.

Thanks to Dany for making all that great beer! Now to only get to Soy.

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