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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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01/17/07 10:35 AM  
Fav online shops
I have a favorite place to buy when getting in the car is a good option. Its a haul but in Philly which is a real fun day trip destination. But sometimes it make more sense to spark up the browser. Where do you folks prefer to go when its time to go mail order? For me the Grape and Granery in Akron probably gets highest makes.
01/17/07 11:07 AM  
Re: Fav online shops
Liquid Solutions


Al B
01/17/07 11:27 AM  
Re: Fav online shops
Northern Brewer and Morebeer in a tie

01/17/07 01:01 PM  
Re: Fav online shops
North Country Malt for all base.

Northern Brewer for everything else

01/17/07 01:25 PM  
Re: Fav online shops
Oooops! I thought you meant online beer retailers. Sorry.

I buy most of my supplies from morebeer.com

01/17/07 01:52 PM  
Re: Fav online shops
Northern Brewer. If I order by 2:00 p.m. I usually see the guy in brown the next day with my order. The folks who work there know and enjoy talking about brewing, too. If I make it to the twin cities, they are in downtown St. Paul in a pretty cool neighborhood.
01/17/07 01:54 PM  
Re: Fav online shops
Midwest supplies and the grape and granary. Both have had excellent service for me.
01/17/07 02:08 PM  
Re: Fav online shops
I usually go with either Northern Brewer, More Beer, or Williams, depending on what I need and the price and the quantity. Austin Homebrew is good as well.
Ross Lunato
01/17/07 05:11 PM  
Re: Fav online shops
I buy my Better Bottle equipment from Quality Wine and Ale; they have the best prices on the net for this stuff. I like to brew with organic materials if possible so I'll purchase most of my organic raw materials from Seven Bridges in California. All other things come from Northern Brewer. I live in Chicago and usually see the order within two days. Once in a while, morebeer gets my business. They are real cool too.
Ross Lunato
01/17/07 05:14 PM  
Re: Fav online shops
I should have mentioned the Grape and Granary for when I'm in Cleveland visiting family......I can't believe I forgot them....geeesshhhh.
01/17/07 05:31 PM  
Re: Fav online shops
Dudes, sounds like the BBB should get a volume discount! I

m starting to see a pattern here . . . and for me, too it's:

Austin Homebrew

Northern Brewer


All are good, but for me in NYC Austin Homebrew seems to deliver the fastest. They are my default and I tend to go to the others when I need items unavailable from them.

Brian Richards
01/17/07 05:54 PM  
Re: Fav online shops
I used to use Midwest Brewing Supplies all the time but now I have switched over to Morebeer.com because or the free shipping and better selection (I sound like a commercial).

For Beer: liquidsolutions.biz

Eric K
01/17/07 08:14 PM  
Re: Fav online shops
When I lived in California: beer, beer and more beer or Midwest homebrew supply. Rarely 7-Bridges because they are very, very expensive. I like organic ingredients but gesh, at least me a break on the shipping.

Now that I'm back east I order all my bulk grains, a few hop varites that are difficult to find, and cleaning supplies from North Country Malt Supply. If you can't find a local brewery to get your bulk grains, then NCM is a great way to save mega bucks if you buy by the pallet and have it shipped to a local truck depot for self pickup.

I was purchasing all of my yeast from Grape and the Granery, but their prices have really increased, especially for all of their other ingredients. I think their smokin something. Northern Brewer now gets most of my yeast orders and all of my equipment orders. I order my whole hops from Northern Brewer or Peterbourgh farms in Mabton, WA. If you want a lot of freash hops and cheap...then P-farms is the way to go. Get a 50 lbs bail of American hops for less than $100.00 with shipping! All you need is a vacume sealer and a freezer.

I have a couple local small scale homebrew shops, but I only use them for emergencies because their prices are extreme compared to large online shops.

01/18/07 11:20 AM  
Re: Fav online shops
7 Bridges Organic - I brew all organic, so its the best place I've found.

The shipping isn't bad if you order a bunch of batches at a time, I usually will order 5 batches and the shipping is $11.00 no matter what.

If I need something like yeast I go to my local shop.

01/18/07 05:32 PM  
Re: Fav online shops
I tend to use Northern Brewer, but we now have a local shop.

An online retailer that has done ok for me is in Stevens Point WI - the owner is passionate about brewing and is a great resource for Central WI (those who can't go to the big city on a regular basis). pointbrewsupply dot com

cheers, scamborn

happy Feet
01/27/07 12:16 PM  
Re: Fav online shops
I like Paddock Wood in Canada. Great service
Dave I
01/27/07 12:27 PM  
Re: Fav online shops
Nothing new here. In no particular order:

1) Northern Brewer- This is kind of my default because I found it first and use the forum quite a bit. I used to always go there first, but that is kind of changing. Now it is kind of a coinflip, but NB ships fast, tends to have good prices, and has almost everything.

2) Morebeer- Super cool source. May be my favorite online shop. I have gone there for things like the Belgian Dark Candi Syrup, which I love, and a lot of times their prices are the best. At one time (not sure if this is still the case) they had free shipping on certain items (which was almost everything that was not super huge) or after you got over a certain amount. I really, REALLY like Morebeer a lot.

3) Hops Direct- Super fast with a nice selection of rarities like hop extract and their counterpressure bottle filler which I own but have not tried to use yet. I have bought a few things from there but really like the service.


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