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01/17/07 06:09 PM  
The realities of a barrel
Took a look in the archives and didn't see much on new oak barrels.

Does anyone here use one for secondary? I've used french oak cubes, but I'm thinking longterm buggy on this.

I've seen 5 gallon, 10 gallon, 20 gallon and the standard 55 gallon.

Obviously the 55 gallon would be too difficult, but the 10 gallon seems reasonable. The prices for new oak are outrageous.


Al B
01/17/07 08:05 PM  
Re: The realities of a barrel
I keep looking at these too, they draw me in closer each time I walk past them.......(well this could be a few other things too, some other time).......

There's a 2 gallon barrel too (Grape & Granary) for less $$$.

Another alternative is finding a winehomebrewer who uses barrels.

Al Bourbon barrel

Eric K
01/17/07 08:30 PM  
Re: The realities of a barrel
I've over oaked my IPA's with as little as 2 oz of heavy roasted oak cubes for 2 weeks in a carboy. Were talking lumber yard here. I had to blend with another non-oaked IPA to make it drikable. Thus, I would be very aprehensive to age any beer in a new oak barrel. You might be able to rack beer into a new barrel for a day or two on the first batch, then extend the rest times there after.

I opted to get a used 53 gallon Bourbon Barrel for an imperial stout. If you have a brew club you could get it filled in one weekend.

01/17/07 11:13 PM  
Re: The realities of a barrel
Yea, new barrels have alot of wood in them. Not being a smarty, I swear. The intense woodiness comes through quite strong.

I recently picked up a couple of 15 gal oak barrels from a guy in our club who couldn't use them. They were pinot noir barrels in thier previous lives. So, the intensity has been soaked up with the wine.

I'll be using mine for lambic barrels.

01/18/07 07:16 AM  
Re: The realities of a barrel
Would the intense wood flavor effect wear off after a few applications?
01/18/07 09:20 AM  
Re: The realities of a barrel
I would probably dump the first few batches if it was new oak. I'm only looking to store sour ales in these, so the wood flavor is not what i'm looking for. I basically would want to innoculate the wood.

The 15 gallons sound great - have you done anything with them yet?

Allagas has made a great selection using chardonnay barrels in a triple-like ale, really nice.

01/18/07 01:37 PM  
Re: The realities of a barrel
No, haven't done anything yet. I've got 10 gals of lambic going now. i just need to rack it over to the barrel.

raul romero
01/20/07 03:24 AM  
Re: The realities of a barrel
we make small barrel ( 1 liters, 2 liters, 4 liters, 8, 16 32...) ( american white oak or french oak).


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