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01/19/07 09:14 PM  
Strain tesing
So I decided to make this its own thread. The following are the strains to be tested, most are part of my latest batch of culturing. I have two BJCP judges that will be in on the tastings of these as well as a BJCP class, and myself (I personally am disinterested in style and BJCP, but they would give a nice benchmark). Test batch is OG 1.044 with one ounce of Halleratuer Hersbrucker added at 45 minutes for a bitterness of 30 IBU. Results should be in 3 weeks, I will post on this thread with each persons perceptions. To follow are la Binchoise, Vondel, and Fantome. Vondel gave me some problems, I placed 20 uL of culture in 1 mL of sterile H2O and then plated 20 uL of that. In only 14 hours the S.c. colonies were overrun by a bacteria that I did not take the time to look at under the scope. So I replated with 2 uL of culture in 1 mL and then put 20 uL ofg that on the plate, this should allow a single isolate.

To be tested:

La Choulette - pure S.c.

St. Bernardus - pure S.c.

Duyck - pure S.c.

De Dolle - pure S.c.

Monks cafe - surprisingly appears to be just S.c. did they pasteurize and repitch a bottling strain? maybe. I didnt see any bacteria under the scope leading me to believe a bottling strain was used.

De Blaugies - pure S.c. - possibly some bacilli but if there are they are really few and far between, i saw something bacillus like fly across the scope, but it was fast, and may have just been junk material, so likely it was just one of my floaters due to my myopia.

Zoetzuur - not surprisingly full of bacilli with S.c. as the main component.

Dupont – just added to the testing for comparison to Blaugies.

01/20/07 11:26 AM  
Re: Strain tesing
Wow, can't wait to see the results of such a rigorous comparison! How big will each test brew batch be?

Also, any indication of multiple S.c. strains in the Dupont?

01/21/07 11:01 PM  
Re: Strain tesing
each one is 1 liter. Ive heard as many as 3 in the dupont. I never selected for any so if its true they all are in there.
01/24/07 09:29 AM  
Re: Strain tesing

Everyone but De Blaugies and La Choulette have already begun flocculating.

Ross Lunato
01/24/07 10:20 AM  
Re: Strain tesing
When I've brewed with Wyeast 3726 (Blaugies) flocculation began at about 5 days at 80*F.
01/24/07 10:43 AM  
Re: Strain tesing
Interesting, this is day 5 at 62F. My ferm temp for all of these will certainly affect flavor profile, I would have liked to do them at 70 or 75, but that wasnt an option. I certainly am not going to spend the cash on heating my house for a beer experiment ;)
01/24/07 10:49 AM  
Re: Strain tesing
Have they been at a pretty constant 62F the whole time? Or were they pitched at a different temp than that?
01/24/07 11:58 AM  
Re: Strain tesing
Very consistent at the 62. With an immersion chiller, the 2 gallon volume, and the temp of the water here, I hit 62 in a matter of about 2 minutes. I knew my basement was that temp so I accounted for it.
Tony J.
01/24/07 03:16 PM  
Re: Strain tesing
Isn't St. Bernardus centrifuged and bottle conditioned using a different yeast?
Ross Lunato
01/24/07 03:48 PM  
Re: Strain tesing
Very cool experiment and very valuable information. Thanks a ton!
01/24/07 05:37 PM  
Re: Strain tesing
Isn't St. Bernardus centrifuged and bottle conditioned using a different yeast?

possibly, I didnt research it, Id be interested in its profile nonetheless

01/24/07 05:50 PM  
Re: Strain tesing
We really appreciate all your efforts on this!!!!
01/24/07 07:04 PM  
Re: Strain tesing
Thanks for the support everyone, believe me its no problem ;)
01/30/07 10:16 PM  
Re: Strain tesing
I have the first round of data. The BJCP class bowed out due to being too green, not a problem the following data is drawn from two tasters, myself and my friend, both of us are certainly qualified. I would have liked to get the judges involved, but one was really apprehensive, the other really gung-ho. So to save myself the trouble of finding suitable times in my extremely busy life I went ahead. As a side note, all have flocculated by now.

Here they are the two with the most interest:

De Blaugies: SG @ 60F, 1.011.

Aroma: Fruity, distinctly Belgian, estery, apples but not the green apple more like apple juice. No banana. Somewhat sake-like aroma.

Flavor: Smooth, even a hint of sake in the flavor, hops accentuated. Fairly boring.

Dupont: SG @ 60F, 1.019 (no surprise, considering a ferm temp of 62F)

Aroma: (no surprises here either) Banana, bubblegum, everything you expect from Dupont.

Flavor: No banana, nutty, cloves, spicy, peppery, not as tart as usual

So for round one, Blaugies, if they use Dupont's yeast, bottle with a different strain. I would also say that from what I have experienced the Blaugies is similar to WY1388 in its virtual characterless profile when fermented at low temp. Dupont gave its traditional flavor, but didnt attenuate, no surprise there.

Expect round two possibly tommorow,



02/16/07 03:39 PM  
Re: Strain tesing
St. Bernardus: 1.014 FG, aroma: nearly nothing

Flavor: precieved dry and bitter soft and rounded

Monks Café: 1.016 FG aroma: carmel

Flavor: hops come through, otherwise very very clean

Zoetzuur: 1.010 FG aroma: hops come through, nothing else is too strong

Flavor: grainey and very very clean again

De Dolle 1.012 FG aroma: red apple, ciderlike

Flavor: no apples, round, no bitterness

Duyck: 1.013 FG aroma: plumbs

Flavor: smooth and lagerlike, so clean the malt flavor really comes through, bitterness is low, almost tastes like a pilsner

La Choulette: 1.011 FG aroma: winey, honeylike, a hint of malt

Flavor Sour and strange

So after doing all of this the most surprising was the similarities. I think that the fermentation temperature was too low to really separate the differences between these. This whole experiment was originally undertaken only for the La Choulette, this was due to my hunch that I had selected for some really bad characteristics. I wont go into the specifics of what led to that, only that it was my fault and I knew about it. This experiment confirmed my hunch and I will have to reculture that yeast, which unfortunately means I have to make a trip to Burnsville, MN, the only place I have ever found it.

The Zoetzuur and Monks Café were both Flanders red ales, and I was able to select S.c. for this test. Which if I recall from another thread on this board the S.c. strains for these types of beers is really neutral, which is most certainly reflected in the results. These two strains were the most flavorless of them all.

So the next thing to happen is Im going to use the Duyck strain at some point to make a Biere de Garde and see how it turns out.

Unfortunately, I was hoping this would serve as a good guide for my use of these strains and a good map for anyone wishing to hijack one of these strains. I think in that I have failed. I attribute this to the ferm. temp. If I could do it over I would ferment at 80F. Another possible source of the low flavor profile is my pitching rate. There were minor differences in rate of growth and I pitched a lot of yeast for a 1L batch. The third possibility for the similarities is that I have just cultured a bunch of bottling strains that are intended to be neutral and fast metabolizers. I wouldn’t rule that out, but I think that is a lot of trouble for a brewery to go through, therefore not very likely.

I hope this data is useful to someone.

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