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01/25/07 12:47 PM  
Boy Howdy...Generic DME defies gravity

Brewed a SGPA last night: 6lb, Briess Pilsen Lt DME, 1.1lb Munton xLt DME, 1lb Candi Clear, 26 IBU, 8%ABV, WY570 2qt starter, Starter and wort pitched at 60F

anticipated OG 1.071

measured OG 1.080 - Boy Howdy!!

The Theory:

Created recipe with BeerTools software. No choice for Briess extract so picked generic Lt DME (~44GU). Seems like the Briess came in ~.006/lb higher than the generic Lt DME. Now If everyting else stays the same it's going to be a 9% ABV beer.

The Primary was perking along this morning with temp up to 66F. My first HG beer and now its even higher. Anything I need to look for in ferment? (65F upto 75F 1st wk, hold at 75F 3wks) Will there be enough yeast to chew it down?


Mike T
01/25/07 02:22 PM  
Re: Boy Howdy...Generic DME defies gravity
Pure sugar gives only around 45 points per pound per gallon so you figure of almost 50 pppg is impossible.

Did you do a partial boil and top off with water? If you did you may have just not mixed the thick sugar laden wort with the light water well enough before drawing off a sample. Other possibilities include a poorly calibrated hydrometer or having less than 5 gallons of wort in your fermenter.

Regardless of the actual OG a 2 qrt starter of yeast should be fine. Good luck.

01/25/07 03:01 PM  
Re: Boy Howdy...Generic DME defies gravity

Yes, did a partial boil and topped it off, yes to to 5gal. There are a number of reference that give DME GU a range of 43-45GU

Your observation about mixing is true. The first time I took a sample it was at 1.090 and I couldn't believe it, I thought it might be due to layering so I shook up the biatch and got the 1.080 reading, so to your point maybe the shaking still didn't get it fully mixed. I will ponder the possibility. (I wouldn't know what a poorly calibrated hydrometer would look like - I'll test with water)

I'm always learning from you guys. This is my first recipe with sugar so thanks for the tip on mixing to accomodate sugar density.


01/25/07 03:39 PM  
Re: Boy Howdy...Generic DME defies gravity
Boy Howdy!!


...I just wanted to say boy howdy, too.

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