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02/05/07 04:34 PM  
Shipping with UPS
Wow, I just noticed that entries shiped to the BABBLE brew off via USPS will be destroyed upon reciept! Man, that's extreme. I've never used UPS to send beer, is there anything I should know? Any rules they have in place I'll need to lie about?
Brian Richards
02/05/07 04:37 PM  
Re: Shipping with UPS
You can always have Fedex pick up the package at your doorstep, (DHL too) that way you don't have to answer to anyone.


02/05/07 04:40 PM  
Re: Shipping with UPS
If you want to send in entries with no problems then get yourself an online account with UPS and FedEx. Anyone can do it and then you weigh your own packages and print off your label from their web site and drop it off any UPS or FedEx store with no questions asked. I've been doing it for quite a few years.
02/05/07 05:27 PM  
Re: Shipping with UPS
I just took a peek at the BABBLE Brew Off web site and only the shipments to the brew pub will be destroyed if shipped via USPS. There is an address that doesn't say anything about using USPS.

Maybe the local postmaster is a real PITA and they don't need to deal with that in addition to providing beer, judging venue and prizes, too. Just a guess.

02/06/07 09:39 AM  
Re: Shipping with UPS
The warning about USPS applies to the brew pub only. Last year, some entries were shipped by USPS and this made the brew pub very uncomfortable. They specifically stated that they would not accept any entries sent via USPS this year. They also requested that we specifically state this in the rules.

The alternate shipping address does not have this restriction. However, I recommend that carriers other than USPS be used. When I ship entries, I always list the contents as food, which is not a lie. The other key is to list the contents as replaceable. In general UPS does not ship items that are irreplaceable.

02/08/07 08:34 AM  
Re: Shipping with UPS
I use FedEx when shipping...um...stuff made from water, malts, hops and yeast. Declare it as "glass". Unless something breaks/leaks during shipping there's usually no problem.

Never use USPS. And the one time I tried UPS they opened the box to check and see if it was packed correctly!


One other thing I do, don't know if it helps but...

If shipping to XYZ Brewing Co. I leave out "Brewing".

Brian Richards
02/08/07 09:23 AM  
Re: Shipping with UPS
Can't you get in BIG trouble if you are caught sending beer through USPS? The fear factor has always been enough to deter me from sending that way. It just seems so much easier and stress free leaving a package for the fedex guy to pick up.
02/08/07 09:53 AM  
Re: Shipping with UPS
USPS is all I ever use, never had a problem. On occasions I'm even honest about the contents, never been told no.
02/08/07 10:09 AM  
Re: Shipping with UPS
Guess it all depends on your locals knowledge, or lack therof. I read somewhere that "homebrew" is legal to ship? I would just call it soda, if need be.
Al B
02/08/07 10:33 AM  
Re: Shipping with UPS
yeah, I used "yeast cultures" once. No problem. But I think I'll go with food next time.
02/08/07 10:53 AM  
Re: Shipping with UPS
Though I have applied honesty I usually don't. MarkA once said he calls beer contents "vinegar". That saves me people having to look stuff up every time, so thats what I say too.

I think homebrew is far less an issue cause there is not a sale - or the associated tax - involved. The problems with inter state shipping are largly related to different tax structures as they pertain to alcohol.

But all that said, I think it is safe to say that the rules with USPS do not seem to be consistant state to state. In my case a USPS manager tried to find a restriction that would obstruct me from shipping and she could not. In other cases people have been told flat out alcohol can't be shipped. I don't get it, but I'm in a situation where USPS works for me so I stick with them.

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