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02/08/07 03:23 PM  
Have a Fridge...whosyerdaddy

I have gained possesion of our old fridge. Its full size with freezer on top. I have not picked up a precise temp controller yet (no dollars) but would like to put it to use with a BSGA (Inspired by N8)currenty in the 3rd wk of a 4wk primary and I planned to bottle after primary. Pitched a WPL570 at 66F and went to 74-76F in 1st week and stays there. 570 is is a low floculator and at a minimum I am thinking of sticking it in the fridge (40-50F )for a few days after primary just to see if it will clear out or do I go full out "cold condition" secondary. Without more precise temp control I'm not sure if I can or should seconday? Any thoughts

02/08/07 04:25 PM  
Re: Have a Fridge...whosyerdaddy
If you want the yeast to drop out (or "crash the yeast") then you'll need to take the temp down into the mid to low 30s. I use 34 to 36F. Depending on the yeast strain it still may take a couple weeks. I always do a cold condition secondary for at least several weeks.
02/08/07 04:44 PM  
Re: Have a Fridge...whosyerdaddy
The primary is really where your need for temperature control is. I don't think there will be any problem. Welcome to the brotherhood of beer fridge owners! Perhaps even more important than thermostatic control is the installation of a tap or two out the door. I drilled a hole in the side to run a gas line and two holes in the door to run taps.
02/12/07 06:14 AM  
Re: Have a Fridge...whosyerdaddy
This yeast does not like to clear it needs to be cold crashed as what cisco said like 30-35F for 3-4 weeks.

02/12/07 09:14 AM  
Re: Have a Fridge...whosyerdaddy
Thanks All,

For now I'll crank the fridge temp down for a few days before secondary to make sure its not going to run 24-7. At least its in the unheated garage.


02/15/07 08:41 AM  
Re: Have a Fridge...whosyerdaddy

This BSGA has been in primary 3 wks. I was going to go 4wks then rack to bottles. I think i will check the FG now and if good move to cold condition. What are your thoughts?

Also when you bottle from secondary cold conditioning, do you bottle cold then let warm to room temp or let secondary warm first then bottle?


02/15/07 09:45 AM  
Re: Have a Fridge...whosyerdaddy
Rack to secondary container and cold condition at 34F for several weeks then bottle. I usually take the cold conditioning keg out of the frig in the morning and let it slowly warm up for several hours before I bottle later in the day. It causes less of a shock on the fresh starter of priming yeast that gets added.
02/15/07 11:56 AM  
Re: Have a Fridge...whosyerdaddy

Thanks Cisco!

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