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matt dinges
02/13/07 11:35 AM  
maibock/belgian bock formulation
Hey folks,

I'm brainstorming on a recipe that might be brewed at a small brewpub here in Nebraska. One thought that I had was a sort of Maibock(at least in grain bill), done with ale yeast(of the belgian persuasion likely) and possibly american hops...I was thinking of Amarillo towards the end...some Mt Hood or Hallertauers...and possibly Magnum or something similiar to bitter...

Basically, I want a golden hued malty beer with a nice hop presence and a yeast signature...

Does anybody care to comment on recipe formulations for anything I've mentioned? Maibock recipes...or bocks of the more Belgian (the old Chouffe and Urthel also) or Dutch persuasion?

I'm open to any suggestions...thanks



02/13/07 01:28 PM  
Re: maibock/belgian bock formulation
I think first wort hopping is particularly nice in a Maibock.
02/13/07 05:15 PM  
Re: maibock/belgian bock formulation
howdy matt, i think a belgian maibock sounds very tasty. perhaps with a clean yeast like WLP510. or westmalle. probably wouldn't go with a super-phenolic one though.

anyway fwiw here is a maibock recipe i made that turned out real good a couple of years ago:

Batch Size 20 liters

Volume Boiled 25 liters

Mash Efficiency 76 %

4.5 kg Weyermann pils

1.5 kg Weyermann munich I

250g Weyermann CaraHell

100g Toasted pils malt

35g Mittelfruh (Pellets, 4.9 %AA) boiled 60 min

15g Hersbruck (Pellets, 2.9 %AA) boiled 15 min

10g Mittelfruh flameout

10g Saaz flameout


Toasted 100g pils malt for 10mins at 200ēC. Mashed at 66ēC 30mins, decocted up to 70ēC for another 30mins, mashout. 80min boil. high kräusen 2 weeks at around 10ēC, then diacetyl rest for 5 days at 12ēC. secondary 1 month @ 3ēC plus 6 wks lagering in bottles.

OG 1071, FG 1015, 9.5 SRM, 27 IBU (7.3%ABV)


02/13/07 10:20 PM  
Re: maibock/belgian bock formulation
I truly love a Maibock (and have 12 gallons in the fermenter right now!) and I love your idea. I'd be careful about jumping off with the American hops right away, however - or keep them subtle if you do. If you have too much going on it will turn into a cocophany.

I think a Maibock recipe with WLP550 phenolics would be nice, but fermented in the high 60's. German noble hops all the way except a big addition of French Strisselspalt at flameout and maybe even dry hopped with the same. Hey - I might brew this myself! LOL!

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