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02/25/07 12:07 PM  
I guess I'm no longer a lurker here now. I've been reading for months as I've been setting up an exclusively Belgian-style oriented 5 gallon system in the basement, which ran for the first time last week.

I racked a Belgian brown made with 1388 this morning (this was a test batch that I made to test out my step mash setup, which worked out ok).

As an additional test, I tried out using a pound of Dan Sukker (Scandinavian liquid beet sugar you can get at Ikea) instead of table sugar. The substitution worked out really well-- speedy fermentation (went from 1.060 to 1.006 in 5.5 days at basement temperature) with some nice in-style sweetness notes at racking. Dan Sukker comes in light and dark styles, and I used the light. It seems to be a pound for pound substitute for sugar as indicated by the OG and final gravity.

I'm really pleased, and was wondering if anyone else ever used Dan Sukker.

Tom, the underground brewer.

02/25/07 06:22 PM  
Re: Dansukker
The fact that Ikea sells dark beet syrup just came onto my radar as well. I really have to drop by the big blue box and grab some to taste side by side with the Dark Candi Syrup. Having a range of options within that category of ingredient would be great for expanding the varieties of dubbels I can brew. I wonder if the Swedish variety has the complexity and utter deliciousness that the Belgian one does.
03/03/07 12:58 PM  
Re: Dansukker
Just to provide a little more followup:

I racked the other half of the split batch (fermented with Wyeast 5724 Saison yeast) today. After 12 days I went from 1.060 to 1.035-- and this was in a temperature controlled fermenter box at 78 to 82 degrees! A little to sweet and under attinuated just yet, so it went into a corney keg. I gave it a really good shake, and put it back into the fermenter box for another couple of days (It's nice having a corney setup.)

Sensory-wise, the beer tasted like 3 percent sugar, but the sweet flavors were very reminicent of a Belgian dubbel. There was a slight wildness to the flavor, but cloves ruled the day. Nose--sour up front (like fermenting wine), which quickly broke into bananna esters. Tasted like a nice young beer that needs a little more attenuaton and time resting.

Based on what's happend so far, I'm sold on using the light liquid Dan Sukker for the time being (it's half the price of the liquids at the homebrew store, and they don't offer a liquid light sugar).

The whole point of my setup is to do a lot of the color development through long boils, and the light syrup seems to work both colorwise and flavorwise. (I'm basically concentrating on making French and Belgian styles that will work well as tap beer, and are pretty much unavailable in the US.) 1388 really likes it, but 5724 is being a little picky.

03/03/07 01:19 PM  
Re: Dansukker
That %@# Wyeast 5724 is psycho. I racked it and put the corny full of beer in the fermenter box at about 73 degrees about an hour ago, and now the whole box up to 84 degrees. I need to go set up an airlock (sigh). Oh well, at least the seals are set.


03/03/07 06:16 PM  
Re: Dansukker
OOPS, I meant 3724 not 5724 (Typo in my brewing notes.)

I had a bottle of Saison Dupont with dinner tonight, and the wife thought it was very sour and had gone bad. (Definately made with something close to 3724, but somehow it worked itself down to 1.001.) If the wife is not going to drink it, I'll have to make something else next time.


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