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02/27/07 02:28 PM  
Jolly Pumpkin - Bugs
I was just wondering if any of the lab guys on this forum have cultured and looked at the wild yeast from a bottle of any of the Jolly Pumpkin ales. They apparently are not using any commercial wild yeasts or bacteria, but are using the local Dexter, Michigan bugs. I just wondered if the bugs in their beer resemble any that are commercially available.
02/27/07 03:09 PM  
Re: Jolly Pumpkin - Bugs
I don't have any info on the bugs, but if it is the local critters that they use it explains some things.

I brought in the calabaza to sell in my shop and had reports of 'off' bottles from customers. The bottles I drank were fine, but...

Are they brewing year 'round with their wild yeasts? If so, that would explain batch to batch variations, no?

Any further info?

Cheers to wild beers, scamborn

Al B
02/27/07 03:09 PM  
Re: Jolly Pumpkin - Bugs
Not yet Jeremy, I wasn't aware that they aren't using commericial wild bugs. I'll put it on the list. I like their beers.

Right now I'm looking at some stuff from Dogfish Festina Lente. That reminds me, I think Allagash used some proprietary wild bretts in their Interlude.

Al Bugs

02/27/07 03:21 PM  
Re: Jolly Pumpkin - Bugs
Jolly does age everything in oak barrels and I do believe that there is some bacteria in the barrels that affects the brews. I think is a minimal amount b/c Ron brews seasonal.
02/27/07 03:47 PM  
Re: Jolly Pumpkin - Bugs
I think that they are using a belgian yeast for primary fermentation and the wild yeast is in the barrels. They do blend to try to maintain some consistancy in the same year. You would probably find big differences from year to year. They have only been in business for three or four years and I may be wrong, but it is my understanding that the number of critters living in the barrels will increase with time. If that is right the sour character will may also increase from batch to batch.
Brian Richards
02/27/07 08:58 PM  
Re: Jolly Pumpkin - Bugs
I'm a big Jolly Pumpkin fan. If anyone has tried any of the North Peak Brewing Co.'s beers and hang on to them long enough, they develop the same funk presence you'll find in the Jolly Pumpkin beers. I personally love it. Me and a few friends have been aging out the North Peak Red Ale, Porter, and Pale Ale until they sour up a little. I'd be interested to see whats going on with JP's yeast. I had thought about getting a starter going from a bottle to do a test batch and see what happens.
Brian Richards
02/28/07 02:04 PM  
Re: Jolly Pumpkin - Bugs
Oh Yeah, I left out that Jolly Pumpkins is brewing beers for North Peak Brewing co. hence the souring.
03/02/07 10:12 AM  
Re: Jolly Pumpkin - Bugs
I talked to Ron @ GABF and he said that primary is done with Belgian Ale yeast (WL i think) and the funk comes from the bugs in the barrel. I cultured up some dregs from Bam Biere, the first starter i made tasted great and the second build up was waaay cidery. I'm not sure what went on but i plan to try it again and pitch it in secondary.
Al B
03/07/07 12:32 PM  
Re: Jolly Pumpkin - Bugs
bstill -

Do you think cidery was from lactobacilli? (This makes sense where the lacto population grows, subsequent cultures become more sour).

One approach to remove the lacto if you wanted (but $$$) is to add lysozyme to a culture. This kills/inhibits Lactobacteria but not yeast. Wait a week, then subculture the yeast to another starter and check to see if that


Al Barrelbugs

Al B
03/25/07 09:01 PM  
Re: Jolly Pumpkin - Bugs

I consumed a bottle of Calabaza Blanca (damn good stuff) and have cultured the dregs....... got stuff growing alright. I'll bring this to the laboratory tomorrow....

03/29/07 10:56 AM  
Re: Jolly Pumpkin - Bugs
Awesome Al, let me know what you find out about it. Sorry for the delayed response!
Al B
04/03/07 01:27 PM  
Re: Jolly Pumpkin - Bugs
So far I have one definitative Brett-like yeast isolated. It has started out rather acetic-smelling with aeration and is now becoming more funky barnyard. Stay tuned.

Al B
04/25/07 02:45 PM  
Re: Jolly Pumpkin - Bugs
Vigorous fermenter, alittle phenolic. The Brett isolate has quite the ethyl-acetate character.

Does not resemble the WL strains, WY lambicus. My guess would be WY bruxellensis for a possible substitution. Definitely not estery like clausenii.

Might be a really good bug for flemish reds.

Al Bam Biere

04/25/07 04:25 PM  
Re: Jolly Pumpkin - Bugs

Maybe I will make a flanders red. Sounds tasty.

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