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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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02/28/07 09:45 AM  
Faro Party
Do you remember a tread "Faro"?

I made it!

Great satisfaction and happiness!

During a national convention on the beers from the chestnuts, in my city,Chieri ("GRADO PLATO brewpub" - near Turin - ITALY).

I have been invited and I have supplied in a small wood barrel, a beer that I have made: "FARO GLACES". The sugar syrup was the syrup that we obtain during the preparation of the "marron glaces". Plambic of 6 months old, now is a process tested and working very well. Thanks to all for the informations.

From Italy: "un bon faro au ft pour tous"

02/28/07 10:32 AM  
Re: Faro Party
Sorry I'll be missing that! A faro served out of a small wooden barrel sounds just perfect.
02/28/07 11:10 AM  
Re: Faro Party
I'm sorry, but my english is not so good.

The event already happened, Monday 26 of February. The barrel was empty after only an half hour and after twenty other beers!

However, if somebody come at Belgium for Cantillon brassin public or ZBF this weekend, I have a bottle for tasting.

02/28/07 11:51 AM  
Re: Faro Party
So you added amber candi sugar to make your lambic a faro? How much per gallon? I think a barrel of faro is a really cool idea, might be worth getting a small barrel! I do have a lambic aging...
03/01/07 10:30 AM  
Re: Faro Party

I added 13,33 ounce/gallon.

But I used demerara sugar with chestnuts syrup.

For aging in barrel, pay attention, for size and kind of wood. Small size or not oak french transfer a lot of woody taste.

03/08/07 03:44 AM  
Re: Faro Party
Hello Valter, I had the chance to taste your Faro at "Cantillon Brassin Public" and it was really good and interesting, congratulations! Even Jean liked it and that says something!

I hope that next time you could sample my own spontaneous fermentation beer that I will bottle soon after 1,5 year of aging the sourness is now enough for my taste!

03/08/07 08:22 AM  
Re: Faro Party
And now I have others VIP's feedback.

J.Van Roy the son: "too sweet for me, because I don't like sweet, but is better then all Faro in bottle. After you will taste the Cantillon's Faro, you will prepare another one better than Cantillon's Faro".

J.P.Van Roy the father: "too sweet for me, but I don't like also Cantillon's Faro. But the rest is OK! Thank you.".


For Bans: I hope to taste your wild beer too. May be.

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