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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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02/28/07 02:43 PM  
Homebrew Swap Idea: NHC review
Anyone thinking of entering the annual AHA Competition? If so maybe I can scare up a reasonably high-ranking judge or two for an online pre-evaluation.
02/28/07 04:22 PM  
Re: Homebrew Swap Idea: NHC review

I should have a BPA and BSGA ready by then. Sorry for my ignorance but what is the difference between round 1 and 2


02/28/07 04:43 PM  
Re: Homebrew Swap Idea: NHC review
The thing is so big (last year over 4,500 entries) you really need preliminary rounds to thin things out. So round 1 is regional, for example the northeast is one region. The top 3 from every category will go on to round 2, otherwise known as the nationals. I think there are 8 regions and there's a boatload of categories, so even with 8 separate qualifying rounds there's a lot of judging overhead.
Scott Jackson
03/01/07 09:26 PM  
Re: Homebrew Swap Idea: NHC review
I know I will enter my Impy Stout. Possibly Dortmunder Export, Belgian Golden and CAP too.

I am not a "high ranking" judge yet. Need 2 points to be BJCP National level. I am judging at a homebrew compeition this Saturday at a great venue - The Falling Rock :)

03/05/07 09:34 AM  
Re: Homebrew Swap Idea: NHC review
I got my BABBLEbrewoff score sheets back, they are a great example of why something like an evaluation session can pay off. Lately it seems every "quad" I've tasted has had a strong cherry presence. Over the last could years I've been sporting a barley wine experiment inspired by Cambridge Brewings masterpiece "Benevolence". Wood, cherry, malt, chocolate, etc., after spend a couple years brewing and blending I came up with something somewhere within that ball park. It included dried cherries so I thought whay not try to see if it can score points as a quad?

Dumb idea really, what I sent had been under very low pressure for a while thus was really lacking in carbonation. It scored abismally, partly cause between being low CO2 then bottling from the keg it was close to flat but also for another reason summed up by a judge. He said it was mis-categorized and offered some categories where it would be more appropriate. I looked those up, turns out they were consistant with my original intentions in making the beer!

Years ago I entered a saison into a contest that scored in the teens. I was really surprised, turned out the BJCP had done some category rearranging and I accidentally entered it as a wit! The same beer went in the same contest the next year as a saison and took BOS.

Anyway, in regards to the faux quad, it just goes to show you that sometimes judging evaluation can really put you back on track.

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