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03/08/07 12:39 PM  
Belgian Moist Blond Sugar

I'm about to do my first Golden Strong and was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of where to find the Moist Blond Sugar?

I've seen it discussed a lot but was wondering where I can purchase it. I really appreciate it. Thanks.

03/08/07 01:37 PM  
Re: Belgian Moist Blond Sugar
Backup to the previous page and look at the announcement box up top. The "Discover Liquid Candy Syrup!" link is an email link to the guy who imports it (he does both the liquid and moist).
03/08/07 03:07 PM  
Re: Belgian Moist Blond Sugar
Thanks so much!Right in front of me the whole time...
Scott Jackson
03/08/07 05:45 PM  
Re: Belgian Moist Blond Sugar
Or you can just make it yourself. Here is a presentation I did for my homebrew club last night:

Invert Sugar

Definition: Invert sugar is created by combining a sugar syrup with a small amount of acid (such as cream of tartar or lemon juice) and heating. This inverts, or breaks down, the sucrose into its two components, glucose and fructose, thereby reducing the size of the sugar crystals. Because of its fine crystal structure, invert sugar produces a smoother product and is used in making candies such as fondant and some syrups.

Because the sugar molecules have already been broken down into their simpler components the yeast does not need to secrete any invertase to metabolize them. Thus, there are no cidery flavors associated with fermentation as with regular sugar.

The shelf life of home-made invert sugar is approximately three weeks, after which crystallization can occur.

Forms: Lyle’s Golden Syrup, Honey, Belgian Candy Sugar

Uses In Brewing: Basically any beer where increased alcohol is desired without additional body.

The more it is caramelized (boiled), the more flavor the sugar will add. Invert sugar is commonly used in the following beer styles:

• Belgian Golden

• Belgian Tripel

• Belgian Dubble

• Belgian Strong Dark

• English Bitter

• English Barleywine

• English Strong Ale

Recipe Calculations:

Gravity – 38 ppg, Fermentability – 100%

Commonly used in quantities up to 20% of total fermentables.

Recipe for 2 pounds:

Bring 1 cup of water to boil over high heat. Add 2 pounds of sugar (cane or beet) and 1 tsp acid (tartaric, phosphoric, lemon juice) and stir to dissolve sugar. When the liquid approaches boiling again turn heat down and watch closely. It can boil over easily. Once the boil has been stabilized, turn the heat down to simmer and let the liquid simmer until the desired color has been reached.

Let cool (it retains a lot of heat) and add to the wort boil in the last 30 minutes or store in jars until ready to use.

Be very careful when adding hot syrup to the wort. Let it cool at least 15 minutes before doing so. Failure to do this can result in violent eruptions from the boil.

Al B
03/09/07 11:34 AM  
Re: Belgian Moist Blond Sugar
The Blond sugar is nice though. I think it would be perfect for trippels, strong goldens. Also would be good for bitters.
03/09/07 12:37 PM  
Re: Belgian Moist Blond Sugar
Scott Jackson, thank for the info. In the past I just use turbinado sugar. I'm going to give your sugar recipe a try.
03/12/07 01:06 PM  
Re: Belgian Moist Blond Sugar
Thanks so much! I made some over the weekend and am going to use it on Friday for my Golden Strong.It turned out to be a nice gold color. Can't wait. Great info I'll pass on to some guys in my homebrew club.FYI, I got a lightning fast reply from Brian at darkcandi.com when I inquired about the sugar,he said that there will be some more of the blond readily available in mid-April.
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