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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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03/12/07 11:38 AM  
2007 Swap Event #1: BrettBeer
Hey gang, time to officially announce the first swap of the year. Actually I guess its the first two. There has been loads of off-line chatter about a brettanomycess swap so I have two planned. The first already has 6 people involved and can only fit 2 more, so if you have one and don't get in don't worry. You'll get your chance. The target chat session(s) for the first event is end of May, beginning of June. So you will need to have a brett beer well under way to step up. The idea is we want to attract beers that have some form of brett as either the primary or exclusive fermentation agent. So we are not really looking for lambics or other beers that employ a bug soup. What we want to do is explore what brett can do mostly or entirely on its own.

Both swaps will have a professional guest, though the guest for the second event - which has no propsed timing yet - has not been confirmed. But for this first event all involved will need to send out 8 beers, 7 to fellow swappers and an 8th to Tomme Arthor. I have also made inquiries about producing an article based on the tasting session, the idea has been positively received by a brewing publication.

So there it is, for swap #1 we have 2 openings. Please do not step up unless there is no question you can produce within the afore mentioned time frame. First come first serve.

Mike T
03/12/07 12:18 PM  
Re: 2007 Swap Event #1: BrettBeer
I have 2.5 different 100% Brett C beers recently in bottles, and would be very enthusiastic about joining in on the swap. One is a derivative of Sebastianís Brett recipe from a while back, one is a clone of Pizza Portís Moí Betta Bretta... not sure I could bear Tomme trying that (half of it was aged with dried tart cherries that were rehydrated in pinot noir) I have enough of each to send out the one that sounds best to the group.
03/12/07 12:23 PM  
Re: 2007 Swap Event #1: BrettBeer
OK Mike, you're in. Please send me your shipping info:steve at cmg dot net.
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