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Darel Matthews
03/12/07 09:57 PM  
Formulating first lambic - questions
I am putting together my first traditional lambic recipe and have a few questions. 90% of my knowledge comes from reading Wild Brews (highlighter in hand), but I still have a few questions.

1. Morebeer sells aged Hallertauer hops, but clearly states on the site how proud they are of the hops' "stinkyness". As I understand it hops in lambic should impart no character to the beer, especially not cheesy and stinky. Has anyone used these hops? What could I expect?

2. Will a traditional turbid mash for a 6-gal batch fit in a 10-gal cooler mash tun?


Al B
03/13/07 12:02 PM  
Re: Formulating first lambic - questions

I believe that cheesy, stinky hop aroma becomes blown off during the boil. I've used oxidize old Willamette and aged saaz before w/out any adverse hop effect. They use old hops at a rate of 4oz/5gal for their anti-bacterial properties (paradox it seems for a lambic), well to at least keeps things in check.

03/13/07 09:21 PM  
Re: Formulating first lambic - questions
It has been a while since I have looked at traditional turbid mash, but as I recall it it takes two vessels to conduct a turbid mash. One for the main mash tun, your cooler, which will have additional infusions as liquor from removed. A second vessel accepts the liquor removed from the main mash and is brought to a boil. So I'd say yes, your 10 gal cooler should work.

Kind Regards,


Darel Matthews
03/13/07 09:46 PM  
Re: Formulating first lambic - questions
Thanks guys. I was hoping I could get by with my mash tun and a couple smaller pots and I figured I could but didn't feel like doing the math to prove it. :)

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