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03/15/07 09:45 AM  
Ordering Yeast Online
I've found it almost impossible to find any of the Wyeast or WhiteLabs Brettanomyces strains in my area, and am wondering where people have had success in ordering them online.

My one experience ordering yeast online was very disappointing - it was dead when it arrived, presumably due to the heat at that time of year, and there being no coolpacks in the packing.

Are there online shops people have had particular success with?

Are there any online shops with particularly good resources for Brett/Lambic brewing?

Any help/suggestions are very appreciated.


03/15/07 10:13 AM  
Re: Ordering Yeast Online
Now-a-days I buy yeast locally, or reasonably so, but years ago I was a die-hard BrewTek fan. So all of my yeast was sent through the mail. It came in a different form, a small vial that you took a swipe from to grow up a colony. But whatever the form, it was still a living yeast, subject to death. So I always - always - ordered them when the weather was on my side. That means of course you need to have your brewing plan set well in advance, I found the safest times to ship yeast were March-April and late September to earlish November. I also do my brewing in spurts, reusing a yeast at least twice. This is even more important I think when you rely on the mail, you basically load up on beer when shipping is favorable and before the yeast gets too old.

Lastly, only do business with a shop you trust, a good one would want nothing to do with yeast that DOA. I personally like the Grape and Granery, but there is a thread here somewhere that asks about favorite shops. Several others are named repeatedly. So Nathan - start thinking about what yeast you want ... now!!

As far as bBrett/lambic supplies, a good shop is a good shop. What they don't have they can order. Is that what you meant by "good resources"?

Al B
03/15/07 10:32 AM  
Re: Ordering Yeast Online
I try to avoid ordering over the summer, but I have and several shops online pack with cold packs - as many as you want at .75 per pk (which are listed online after their yeast listing.) You have to order the packs with the yeast.

I haven't had a problem w/ more beer or North. brewer (and I'm on the east coast). Grape + Granary is good also.

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