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03/25/07 02:00 AM  
pellicle in the bottle
hello brett fans,

i've just bottled a couple of beers (historical porter & stout) which i finished with a month b. anomalus 2ndary. primed with half the usual amount of sugar. after 2 weeks in the bottle they've all developed 1cm pellicles in the neck of the bottles.

i opened a bottle to have a look today and it tastes unearthly but it was hard work drinking through the big boogers of brett floating on top of the beer, let alone pouring it through the pellicle in the first place. will the brett eventually sink to the bottom after it's done its work?


03/25/07 04:47 AM  
Re: pellicle in the bottle
I think what happens will depend on a couple things, but I can say one characteristic of the stuff is that it floats. It will not sink. It is not impossible though that the pellicle can be ingested over time by the bugs in the bottle.
Al B
03/25/07 08:50 PM  
Re: pellicle in the bottle
I, too, notice the brett pellicle in the bottle (although I would not say they're big boogers - small flakes, maybe a little drool).

Even though I bottle under CO2 and purge the filled bottles before cappin, a slight pellicle occurrs. But it hasn't been obtrusive (then again, I haven't used anamolus). I just looked at a bottle of Russian River Temptation - no pellicle. So perhaps it will disappear down the road.

1 cm seems alot. Bretts are a more oxidative-type yeast or they favor it. (maybe there was O2 in the headspace of the bottle?

03/26/07 03:43 AM  
Re: pellicle in the bottle
hmm, i just compared a few bottles and the ones with more headspace often have a thicker pellicle. that said none of them have much headspace, bout as much as commercial bottles. and i do routinely leave my bottles to expel a bit of dissolved co2 before sealing the caps. possible i guess that i splashed the beer a bit into the bottling bucket.

one curious thing: the stouts are all fine, more like "flakes and drool", whereas the porter has big boogers. i put this down to alcohol - the stout was 10% and the porter 7% and i split the (non)smackpack between them equally but the stout never got a proper pellicle up.

perhaps i should disgorge them... or just pour them through tea strainers.

03/26/07 06:14 AM  
Re: pellicle in the bottle
I should add that this strain of Brett is f#%^$&en delicious in a porter/stout. dusty pineapple with just the right amount of acid.
03/29/07 11:00 AM  
Re: pellicle in the bottle
How long did the beer sit with the brett before bottling? or did you add it at bottling time?

i have gotten small flaky pellicles in some of my bottled brett beers but vary small ammounts.

03/29/07 07:47 PM  
Re: pellicle in the bottle
the beer fermented for a month with the brett - hope that was long enough? anomalus seemed to ferment quite fast, faster than bruxellensis - i thought it would be ok to bottle (but halved priming sugar just in case)
03/30/07 09:53 AM  
Re: pellicle in the bottle
next time give it about 6months w/ the brett before bottling.
05/20/07 05:00 AM  
Re: pellicle in the bottle
it's finally dropped, after 10 weeks in the bottle. guess that tells me something! (ie shouldve left it in 2ndary till now).

bloody hell it tastes good though. very complex flavour this anomalus stuff has, quite winey.

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