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03/28/07 01:00 PM  
Sour ales-unintended infections?
Hey all,

I have a straight lambic and Old Ale with Brett happily sitting in two carboys in my storage area. I also ferment my normal ales in the same room (not right next to the sours though). I have separate equipment for the sour ales and normal ales. Nothing cross-contaminates, if you will.

Has anyone had any problems with unintended "infections" of sour ale bugs in normal beer, simply because they fermented or were stored in the same room?

Al B
03/28/07 03:06 PM  
Re: Sour ales-unintended infections?
Not yet.

I think two things would have to occurr.

1. The air lock water (if its water) becomes contaminated and there's "suck back" into the fermenter due to a sudden change in temperature/pressure. The contamination would have to be in an aerosol from the Brett fermenter. This scenerio seems to be low risk to me.

2. Cross contamination from hands if one opens the fermenters (like I do) to taste.

03/28/07 05:41 PM  
Re: Sour ales-unintended infections?
I have a somewhat famous tale that maight count:


03/28/07 06:00 PM  
Re: Sour ales-unintended infections?
Ahhh .. . finally I get to here the infamous infected basement story! Looks like quite a unique micro-environment you have inoculated down there, Steve . . . your own little Payottenland downstairs.
03/29/07 11:12 AM  
Re: Sour ales-unintended infections?
thats classic Steve!
Brian H
04/13/07 12:44 AM  
Re: Sour ales-unintended infections?
Remember that Brett can get into rubber and soft plastic is such a way that normal sterilizing cannot kill. Keep all this stuff separate, otherwise you could be just fine.
04/17/07 07:21 PM  
Re: Sour ales-unintended infections?
On the same subject, how much does one need to be concerned about contaminating a lambic or other sour ale with outside batceria. Is it possible/would it affect the flavor?
04/17/07 08:02 PM  
Re: Sour ales-unintended infections?
Possible? That would be inevitable. Would it be a good thing or bad thing though, probably a bad thing. But there's only one way to really know. I have a house bug I actually use intentionally now and then.
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