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03/29/07 06:45 AM  
Home brew shops in Belgium?
I head to Brugge (via Brussels) on the Eurostar tomorrow morning. Are there any home brew shops in Brugge (or close to the Eurostar train station in Brussels) that are worth checking out? More specifically I am interested in picking up some liquid/moist candi sugars?

I hope Aussie customs dept let me back in when I return home in a few weeks.



03/29/07 06:53 AM  
Re: Home brew shops in Belgium?
Several years ago I got a catalog for a brewshop in Belguim. I don't have it anymore but it was huge. Sorry, I can't say what it was called of where it was - but there is reason to belive that there is such thing.

However of all you want is the sugars I think you might find those elsewhere, I think I've heard of sightings in supermarkets.

03/30/07 01:43 AM  
Re: Home brew shops in Belgium?
Thanks Steve. Just heading for the Eurostar now and will report back later.
Matt Walker (mwsf)
03/30/07 06:35 PM  
Re: Home brew shops in Belgium?
Sean Paxton picked up some dark liquid sugar at the supermarket in Sint Niklaas when we were there recently.

You might try contacting Belgosuc (www.belgosuc.be). Almost all of the breweries we visited recently had large plastic Belgosuc containers lying around. If you're going to be visiting any small breweries, perhaps they would give you sugar samples.

04/02/07 05:43 AM  
Re: Home brew shops in Belgium?
Got back yesterday and need to detox for a few days.

Re: Home brew shops in Brugge. A couple of the bottleshops do sell Brewferm extract kits and fermenters, although they don't sell moist/liquid sugars.

One of the bottleshop guys said that they don't have a home brew shop in Brugge. I guess this is because you can buy Duvel for 97 Euro cents (A$1.60 or U$1.30) per bottle at the supermarket.

Speaking of which, I forgot to check the supermarket for the specialty sugars.

~Mental note to self.. Don't leave searching for sugar/collectibles until the last minute, especially when your last day is a Sunday (due to reduced trading hours)~

04/10/07 02:37 PM  
Re: Home brew shops in Belgium?
You can check out this website for home brew products in Belguim:


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