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03/29/07 11:03 AM  
yeast for small breweries?
I have a question about small breweries and "house" yeast. For instacne Dany @ Fantome. While I have not been to the brewery I am guessing that there is no lab to keep a house strain maintained so how does someone in a situation like that maintain thier house yeast? I know alot of small breweries get thier yeast from bigger breweries or from places like wyeast and white labs. What are the other options??

03/29/07 11:38 AM  
Re: yeast for small breweries?
Brian, this is probably a better question for the BBB. Home brewing and small brewery issues are really not the same things. For a home brewer you either buy it all the time or move close to AlB.
03/29/07 12:33 PM  
Re: yeast for small breweries?
bstill you can look for a post by Dany some time back to BBB in which I think he said sometimes repitches, and when he needs new primary yeast he gets it from a lab. Also if I recall he did not even seem too worried about getting/using the same primary strain all the time. Perhaps this is because the wilder bugs overpower or destroy (brett breaks down some esters) a lot of the flavors created by primary yeast. I don't know where the wilder bugs in Fantome come from--I have only heard rumors. But I think some people on the board have been there several times, and may have some insight on that?

Some brewpubs just repitch for a very long time, especially with British yeast. I know of one tiny pub that claims to have repitched a strain of WY1768 for over ten years. Not sure what, if anything, they ever wash it with or do to it. Their beer is good.

Lots of small breweries (De Dolle) have labs, and lots of homebrewers have a bunch of slants in the fridge. It's not much work to maintain just 1 or 2 strains.

Some small breweries use dry yeast. De Ranke and Alvinne did at one time--don't know if either still does. Probably even more non-Belgian breweries use dry as well.

So, yeah, either you buy it (in liquid or dry form), reuse it, or "make it yourself."

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