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04/12/07 09:42 PM  
sour cherry batch - what to do?
So I brewed a flanders red style malt base beer a few months back with the white labs trappist ale yeast. I added some sour cherry juice to it which gave it some flavor, but not much.

I ended up getting some Montmorency sour cherries that were canned and added about 5lbs to a 3 gallon batch. I let the brew sit on the chrries for about a month and the flavor was getting nice.

I ended up having to move all the sudden and took this beer in the plastic fermenter with me. It sloshed its way to my next place and sat for another few weeks on the cherries.

When I finally got a round to transferring I noticed that some of the cherries were on tops with a touch of white mold on them - just a little. I pulled it out and transferred it to a glass 3 gallon carboy.

It is sitting in cellar temps and I just noticed a touch of white forming at the top - not sure what it is.

I'm thinking of adding some brett to this and seeing where it goes - I've got plenty of time on this and it can now sit in a cellar.

What are the thoughts here - Orval dreggs? Fantome dreggs? Maybe Cantillion?

04/12/07 10:26 PM  
Re: sour cherry batch - what to do?
I think you'd be better off getting some idea whats forming on top. That may suggest what other bugs have already made their way into this beer.
04/13/07 08:29 AM  
Re: sour cherry batch - what to do?
Steve - I'm not sure what to look for, and don't have a microscope.
Al B
04/14/07 10:26 AM  
Re: sour cherry batch - what to do?
The touch of white growth may be mold or wild yeast or due to the residual oxygen leftover from transferring/plastic bucket, etc. If you have CO2, you can purge the headspace to prevent mold/vinegar bacterial growth. If it continues to grow under CO2 or "microaerophilic" conditions, its probably a wild yeast (which is where you're going anyway).

Orval dregs will probably have some B. bruxellensis viable.

Fantome will most likely have lactobacilli and depending on the bottle - some brett (or alot!). Haven't done any Cantillon dregs. So it depends what you want. If you have enough acidity without adding Lactobacilli, then go with orval if you just want some funk. But add some CO2.

Good luck Shoreman

04/14/07 05:03 PM  
Re: sour cherry batch - what to do?
Thanks for the tips AL. One proble that I think occured with this bath was that it was getting O2 by being in a plastic fermenter for 3 months. There is virtually no headspace and it is in glass right now.

I think I will start with the Orval and go from there.

Great posts from the homebrew crew here once again!

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